Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Bull Horns Getting Sharpened… [03/02/2018]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Bull Horns Getting Sharpened… [03/02/2018]

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  2. What happens
    if the 2 goes below the iv?

  3. Looks like everybody is wrong that I've seen so far

  4. i cannot believe you don't have more followers…. best EW analyst period on youtube!! the fking best!!!!!!

  5. Love the BTC technical analysis, you the man!

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  7. okey

  8. Although my perception might not yet be fully tuned to robot-time , it feels like their target was 11.5 … I'll give bitcoin another 24hr. to change my mind..

  9. Love his little frustrated sigh and smacking mannerisms

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  11. Hey Sam, quick tip about shallow 2 and deep 4 "principle of alternation say that if wave 2 retraces deep(.618ish) then 4 will be shallow(.382ish) and vice versa."

  12. So in the end goes up or down?

  13. has anyone noticed that the entire structure since around Jan 20 looks like a large inverse head and shoulder pattern?!

  14. impressive stuff, keep it up!

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  16. i think your correction counts from the high of 20000 is not correct. it should be a complex wxy. your initial abc has the a too short and c extremely long which is unusual. just does not feel right.

  17. Sir I’ll be joining your tutorial very soon

  18. Great Vid mate.. When not in log, we've already breached the downtrend resistance line. We actually bounced off it as support. Is there any reason Log would provide better resistance/support lines?

  19. Why wouldn't you count it as 5 waves to your third wave? (11780) A correction between 0.5 and 0.382 is not that shallow for a very bullish trend? Your 4th wave would be an ABC correction of that five waves structure and we would now be in a new cycle meaning there wouldn't be another correction in the 9.8-10k zone. (would be in the 11.5k zone instead) I think it is more likely that that 11780 was the end of a big wave 1(consisting of a smaller five wave cycle), the ABC was wave 2 and we just entered wave 3.

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  21. We have to look a the order book to see it the price is been pushed up artificially.

  22. "You're proud of something" – You should be really proud of the work you do and the videos you post.

  23. Unmatched insight and analysis, you absolutely rock man!

  24. Such cool lingo lol! "to and thru the 618" "Wick off" "frontrun the algos" Haijen needs some speaking lessons from you, and TA lessons..

  25. i am glad you are doing this bc you were sold out on patreon! will look into it thanks

  26. Mr. Sam, honestly wish I could vote but do not know how. Please sir please if we can have an XVG video one day. Thank you sir.

  27. Alejandro Cámara

    You are slowly becoming one my favourite TA persons in youtube. Amazing work, good explaining…love it

  28. 20:53 What's the vegas wave?

  29. Great appreciation for your insightful TA with different probabilities! Thank you so much!

  30. I love that you're honest about options instead of permabull/permabear! Thats how I learn.

  31. Try to make video as short as possible. Content is good. 👍 Reduce the length. Thank you.

  32. thank you very much

  33. thanks for the Expanding Triangle count TD…didn't even see this one..something to keep in mind..cheers brother

  34. What about the 50 day MA, won't that be significant resistance?

  35. Looks like the V wasn't in. Looking at 11.7k area before retrace. Ton of resistance there. Then again, this is crypto and you just never know lol

  36. So what happened to those who got in at $25 over at Patreon?

  37. Please, could you do a video about Populous/PPT?

  38. I'm new to this, but I think the price action has proven this to be an incorrect count? Or at least 5 was not yet complete.

  39. oh gosh, $3000!

  40. Great TA ! Well done. Extremely helpful.

  41. Sam, i like the cut of your jib, your years of trading experience really shows in your TA.

  42. Hey there! Love the analysis. I like to listen and watch from my phone, any way to say the $ amount resistance and supports a little more frequently? Hard to read numbers on my iPhone 7+…🙏🏻

  43. great info

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