Bitcoin Riches How Bitcoin Will Make Millionaires In 2018 Cryptocurrency Wealth

Bitcoin Riches How Bitcoin Will Make Millionaires In 2018 Cryptocurrency Wealth

Buy Bitcoin:
Autotrade Bitcoin: Bitcoin Investment Kit: Mine Cryptos: I’m going to be blunt today. If you’re one of those people sitting on the sidelines. Missing out on the greatest wealth opportunity of the millennium. You are an idiot. Sorry, it’s true. Now… before you tell me to go jump off a bridge… let me first explain why you ought to listen to what I have to say. I trade digital currencies personally. And quite well I might add. I put money into bitcoin at less than $100. (It’s now more than $3,000.) I bought into Ethereum for less than $10. (It’s more than $300.) I picked up some Antshares for just $1.50. And they’re now up to $32… a total win of 2,033% in my account!I even obtained 27,000 coins in a tiny digital currency for $0.185 each… and those coins now trade for more than $4. But a coming event on November 18 is set to take all digital currencies to the next level. In fact, there are three in particular I see as massive winners ahead. This is a true opportunity where even as little as $10 could make you rich. Don’t miss this. We may not ever see a wealth-building opportunity like this again.

“Higher than 50% chance that a Bitcoin is worth more than a million dollars” – Paypal Board Member Wences Casares
“There is infinite upside” – Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget

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  1. bitcoin is just the base, but alt coins are where the money is

  2. Stacy Dale Barendse

    ooops BTC drops like a rock

  3. 28k in a year?! Wow, what a radical prediction lol

  4. Voltas Cernobilis

    Just buy Verge (XVG) and be HAPPY! TOP currency! Private and safe. GOING 100X in few weeks

  5. Sippin all the bleach'

    28k by end of 2018? Lol.

  6. i'm in ! HashFlare pays daily .. mining BitCoin . reinvest – compounding interest is powerful!

  7. Peter Meissnitzer

    BITCOIN keeps rising and FIAT currency keeps getting devalued daily hmmm…. eventually all other cryptos will disappear in the end only one will survive BITCOIN , the first and the original crypto currency .

    Transaction fees and times will be solved shortly thousands of people are working on it as we speak . Expect BITCOIN to peak at around 1 million US within a few years and remain stable at those numbers . I would say 2020 or so .

  8. wow what an interview 🙂

  9. If you dont do snything else, "Invest what you don't mind losing for a chance to be FINANCIALLY FREE..

  10. Now or never!!, the beauty of BTC is that no government in the world can control it. Governments screw things,

  11. This must be why the government took control of the internet. Bitcoin is only as good as the technology in society it runs on. Phones, computers, satellites networks. Corporations own these.

  12. What makes bitcoin worth its current value, and much more? The fact that we no longer need to TRUST anyone to manage transactions. Integrity is an character trait that is pretty hard to find, especially in businessman, bankers and politicians.

  13. One clever commentator

  14. This dude didn't mention anything about why it's useful – it's currently got no intrinsic value

  15. Bitcoin will hit 1m 2025

  16. Why are so many people buying this new coin called CND? WIll this be the new bitcoin? The coin is listed on this exchange:

  17. Bank are afraid because they are losing control in losing all the 💵

  18. Hahahaha The journalist, the media, the banks do not understand what’s going on with bitcoin ….. They are missing the point it’s a transfer of wealths the time is here….

  19. bitcoin is the new generation shit . to get it you have to be a part of this generation if not then you will be a part of the fake news .

  20. Lol. Bitcoin is just as bad as Fiat Money. Both worthless since they have no real world use cases.BTC was meant to be used as a medium of exchange but it can only do a max of 5 transaction per second and the transaction fee is now around $15, which is too high. BTC does NOT have a limited supply because it can keep forking and there are many other altcoins that are better such as Ether, Ada, and Iota (the best).

  21. Why dos he look so angry.

  22. $28,000 by the end of next year? What a fucking retard it'll be more like $150,000 maybe even $200,000

  23. Too slow uses too much power

  24. 3 WORDS:


  25. Khalid Qamar Malik

    Have made a great fortune of over $450,020 this year trading binary option with John Blake. He has given me and my family a great reason to smile this Christmas. I remember starting up with the investment plan of $10,000 but through out the year he has flip it to $450,020. I and my familys are forever greatful to you john. Anyone experiencing lost or looking forward to going into trading binary option should get in touch with John's email/Skype at officialiqtrademanager @ gmail. com and watch him change your financial status like he did mine.

  26. This guy is an expert he can't even predict the price of bitcoin (if you change it 4 time in a month), I wouldn't listen to this guy. Why do I need bitcoin cash is still king.

  27. Thhey don't get it. Bitcoin is the only – only – only form of, reliable, safe, self regulated, incorruptible form of wealth storage. it also has many similar attributes.

  28. When people say that the Federal Reserve backs a dollar, what does that actually mean? If people lose faith on the dollar and they don't want to exchange it for goods, what will the Federal Reserve give me for my dollars? Chickens? certainly not gold or silver or land.

  29. this guy fucks

  30. Yet – The Federal Reserve or the US Mint can Print or Coin a 1 Trillion Dollar Coin and no one would blink an eye. But because bitcoin is taking away the banks ability to manipulate people – bitcoin is in a bubble. Sooner or later – people will realize this cannot be stopped. Some have already seen the light. The rest will still be arguing the point when bitcoin hits 100,000 – 200,000 or even 500,000. The choice is yours – you can get on the train now or wait until it is over $100,000. Personally – I'd be loading up as much LTC as I could – OR you can keep calling it a bubble and sit on the sideline and "Wish in one hand – $H!T in the other".

  31. Paper money has shits on it and the old dudes leak them many hours as they count the bunddles wetting their fingers on their tongues. Onces this paper money was in the vigina of a prostitude and a nurse had given in the hands of a dead cops for the grave diggers. These old dudes even war and kill people for it. Funny

    These old politicians fuk us all by saying gold, oil and paper money has value. But I am never going to need them even if I die. I value technology, innovation and hygenic life style. I feel safer in Bitcoin world than the practical world. We have no time to fuk these old dudes who war for oil, gold and paper money and kill innocent lives

  32. a dollar is not worth a dollar this reporter is insane

  33. the dude is right!

  34. The Bitcoin Miner's will loose all to Bitcoin cash if they don't fix the block issue.!!! I will move to BTC as soon as I find a way.

  35. Yeah $58,000 will be closer.

  36. Obedience to flow

    While your looking, millions will be buying.

  37. Obedience to flow

    21 million bitcoins, do the math!!!!

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