Bitcoin Prices Down After Event, Stock Exchange Crypto App And Binance Delays TrueUSD

Bitcoin Prices Down After Event, Stock Exchange Crypto App And Binance Delays TrueUSD

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  1. When will MoneroV get to HitBTC and what will be the price?

  2. It's the same as before. People thought that there will be a crash when btc reaches 10k. There wasn't. It only crashed when it reached almost 20k.
    Now it's the same. People thought it'll take off after the conference – it didn't – it'l take off a bit later, when majority has lost faith.

  3. You do know… price going up on "news" or a "conference" has nothing to do with TA…. TA shows this is a healthy 50% correction.. watch for a consolidation here for a few days then another big pop to the upside.

  4. There are one of the best conditions among other exchanges here. I know what I talk about. By the way, HitBTC also offers an affiliate program, just for those who have little experience in trading.

  5. Surreal Nirvana

    You should check out 1broker if you are interested in a combined crypto/stock/commodities trading platform using BTC as the main currency. I have made quite a bit of money copying KaizenTrader. Like "over the last 2 month over a 1000% ROI" bit of money. Completely legit too.

  6. Surreal Nirvana

    The reason consensus didn't effect crypto this year is because the big dog wall street guys have noticed us. They are doing what they do in the stock market, shaking out all the "weak hands" by lowering the price and allowing them to slowly buy up the market. I think we will hit the mid 7500 usd range and then see something special happen.

  7. What kinda car do you drive bro. Just curious

  8. Paul Da Silva

    What you guys think of Howdoo ICO and its ambitious project??

  9. We are just in a phase currently because the market crashed in January and again in Feb and somewhat in April. People need to gain trust again because a lot of people and I mean A LOT of people lost their asses in Q1. A lot of NEW people lost their ass in Q1 because they just dumped their money in blindly because the market was surging and they thought they could make easy money without doing any research before splurging, but in the end they lost it all. So people may be testing the water again, and hopefully soon more money and newer fresh people will come into the market.

  10. Exactly 1 year ago today BTC was $1,841, ETH $93, and LTC $26. We've had awesome returns in that time but people's memories are short. Keep your head up and HODL on!

  11. Quintin Pringle

    Buy Blockport people

  12. How will mortgages and loans be issued in a cryptocurrency world

  13. Hey Modern Investor .. Just a thought , what do you think ? So I know this might sound totally ridiculous but since I have been in cryptos which is not that long .. I have noticed prices of 18,19,20 billion daily into the market . Now most of us are putting in a couple of hundred dollars at a time if not a few thousand. If the wealthy put in 10million when lets say EOS is at 10 dollars and when it hits 18 dollars they made 8mil. Us others on the other hand .. have made a few hundred dollars. The wealthy could do this forever. Pump and dump the market pulling out their profits and taking the cream off the top while and the rest of us are waiting for the moon?

  14. piernader soltan

    Third Friday of the month, after market close bitcoin going up.

  15. Crypto Talk by Crypto Watch

    Great stuff as usual.

    Gotta say we really like how this channel remains impartial to any one project or token while reporting what's really important for the future of cryptocurrency.

  16. I don’t understand why people are perplexed about the market going in the other direction than expected. This is exactly what markets do. If we could predict the short term of markets I could be a billionaire by the end of the year. This is why active traders always lose. Humans don’t seem to get this concept.

  17. piernader soltan

    Future markets manipulations!

  18. As market places have customers than money must flow in… the real use of coins… ya gods to spend them… low cost websites and banking… real world super computing and AI locked in Blockchain… ya it will catch on….

  19. Or real-time investment has started…. though at current timeline… lower than thought… bankers hours have set in…. its time for dapps to shine… and slow or fast adoption….

  20. Do believe… someone is trying to “tame” bitcoin….

  21. 2018 just got to load up as you can, 2019 will be the boom year and year of lambos and villas

  22. Infamous- Lungzz

    What is trueusd?

  23. bad time ever

  24. PlanetMusk Vlog

    The wealthiest in fiat have the most to lose with Bitcoin adoption if they choose to deny or ignore it. BTW – there is no Blockchain without Bitcoin… why would anyone run a miner without the incentive to do so? Without Bitcoin, we revert back to centralization.

  25. Im pretty sure a bull run wont be announced until its underway, the news is always opposite to the trend

  26. Ywah more like a bull trap

  27. who allowed the futures to enter crypto?

  28. Circle USDC gonna destroy tether

  29. Father Finger

    I'll be waiting for the second coming of JESUSCHRYPTO

  30. Bit of a Kick

    Look we aren't in controls of pumps or dumps but there definitely will be a huge pump – we already know Bitcoin can double in about a week. Also every investment chief is predicting big numbers for Bitcoin. When these guys want to give it a push and then like the end of The Usual Suspects, piece by piece we'll work out why it all happened that time

  31. DallasRacing1

    People are getting sick of speculation and are actually waiting on something tangible to happen. Positive news hasn't done jack for Ripple in the last 4 months as we have all seen.

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