Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis September 21 2018

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis September 21 2018

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis September 21 2018 Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis. Ripple coin price analysis. Ripple price prediction. Ripple technical analysis. Bitcoin Crash. Bitcoin Bubble Bitcoin price prediction 2018.

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  1. We're very grateful that you not only take the time to share your TA, but also for the fact that you care. So rare now a days! Have a great weekend brother!

  2. Thx! Which exchange do you use?

  3. CryptoAMD, I always appreciate ur TA & commentary.
    Is there any possibility that OTC Megalodon's move in and crush the near ATH shorts?

  4. Thanks, a video later on about good alts would be cool.

  5. U re 1000000% wrong.TOTALLY wrong.There re NO limits to upside. Believe me

  6. New program insider news crypto currency, on ebay sell for 1000 dollars! Download guys.

  7. Love your analysis man! ur a gem

  8. Hi AMD from over here in the UK. Could you maybe do a vid when we drop to around your 4800 – 5400 target to suggest a possible swing trade entry point (I.e 'the dip') rather than trying to catch the falling knife !
    Keep up the great content buddy. It is so refreshing to hear straight talking, non-emotional BS, TA, (without it being financial advice of course 😉)

  9. So to see a big move to 20k btc again, you say we need to see adoption via dapps. When you refer to dapps, is that not a reference to eth based dapps? If so, wouldn't most adoption be led by eth? Also I asked in the past but I head you say you can see 100k btc one day. What is the price of eth in your opinion if that day for 100k btc were to come to fruition?

  10. two things:
    1) using Bitcoin as a Store of value is adoption
    2) The next Bitcoin halvening on May 21, 2020 will definitely be a catalyst for significantly higher prices. There may be another catalyst between now and then, but the halvening will definitely be a catalyst

  11. I think we might go to 6.9k (Fib 0.618). The shorts are closing, while the longs are increasing creating the usual bull trap (look at the Longs/Shorts ratio on ETH, this is insane). I'm preparing for a good short opportunity soon. Following the market closely. Keep up the good work.

  12. Would love to see some videos on the Canadian MJ stocks as I am currently trading those. Thanks for the great content!

  13. Thank you for your work!
    if a day you will make a video about your longterm perspective it will be very nice! Thank you form France.

  14. I think the market will go much further down because of things like scams, manipulation, tether going away, exchanges going down etc.

  15. Keep in mind! If you invest in ICO, it is necessary to choose qualitative projects everytime ! Here is for example ICO Telegram The huge growth of token this year is quite possible!

  16. dgb looks like accumulaion

  17. What made you think that a bull run coming from looking at the charts?

  18. automatic like for each and every video .thanks ,peace !

  19. Crypto AMD… Do you still think BTC will hit your T1: 4800 – 5400?

  20. You are wrong, bitcoin it's going to 8000-8500$

  21. Your opinion on 'when to get bullish' is spot on. Wait for that break in the equilibrium and we break the long term downtrend. Too many are getting hyped and intend on longing already. We may have seen the bottom but I need confirmation. Thanks bud

  22. Sometimes your videos drop exactly when i'm lost looking at these charts haha. Thanks again for your sharing man. I was thinking of going into dgb since it's one of the few that hasn't pumped but wasn't sure if the risk/reward was worth it. I wonder If this massive triangle on the daily chart is something to be taking into consideration when thinking about long term targets such as 2900$ or even 1300$.Personally, by looking at the pace things are moving i could see accumulation happening around mid 2019. Anyway, have a good weekend

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