Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Rolling Over? 5/22/18

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Rolling Over? 5/22/18

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  1. Love Raj Singh

    Thanks for video updates. Enjoying them.

  2. william Yates

    thanks for the daily what's gonna happen with futures at end of month ????

  3. georgios gusos

    …good point…and make sense

  4. Marco A Fonseca

    Thanks for your great insight. Would you be so kind as to share your view on EOS, please?

  5. Switchblade13

    never exceeded market cap of gold..not even close. Exceeding the price of an ounce of gold meant nothing

  6. Switchblade13

    Usually when it looks too easy it is…..upside coming.

  7. thanks for the update

  8. thanks buddy

  9. Thank you so much for taking your time doing your BTC analysis and sharing your thoughts with us!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your point of view! I was also thinking that low volume is a bad sign… don¨t think of any bull run.

  11. Perfect way to kill some time before iftar! On the sidelines patiently just waiting for btc to do something (poking bitcoin gif)

  12. Thanks for the updates chief

  13. Great to have so reactive video bro ty a lot 😉

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