Bitcoin price technical analysis – 28th March 2018

Bitcoin price technical analysis – 28th March 2018

Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis. Where will Bitcoin price be heading? See the video for my analysis on bitcoin price

Over the years I have learnt that the best traders are the ones that develop their social network. In this game knowledge is power and one can never have too many contacts. For that reason I have created this channel to share my knowledge with you and broaden my social network.

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  1. Octavian Ganea Motoraş Puficel

    Mate, when an updated analysis? Thx.

  2. This is going to be so much fun watching all these HODLERS who think they know it all get ABSOLUTELY REKT haha

  3. Totally agree on your price prediction. So many factor's point it to show it will including the weekly RSI is not low enough yet so some time to go yet. Easily around 3.5k to come just past the 0.768 fib

  4. Crypto Critical

    Only problem with your MT Gox issue is that it was hacked and that caused it to crash and burn. Not sure if that factors in as a natural trading Phenomenon

  5. interesting; I put up a vid.( Bitcoin…29 March)(after seeing yours,) attempting, as beginner level, to put numbers on possible reversal zone for (your WXY completion) of the greater cycle wave II of V, using potential .786 % .854 retrace zone…? I look forward to your updates. Thanks!

  6. Those of us who hold bitcoin are guilty of confirmation bias in looking for positive signs. It is refreshing to see this sober analysis.

  7. MyMinecrafter97

    Great video, thanks for the regular updates on BTC, keep them coming!

  8. Bitcoin dropped below $7500! Bye, bye, bitcoin, nice not knowing you!

  9. kimfromnewyork

    weird huh 😉

  10. Willem Van Riet

    Brilliant! This is deepest insight I've seen so far, thanks man!

  11. Nice job!

  12. Afsheel saleemi


  13. karim compadre

    I'm happy with your video. A few weeks ago I thought the same thing but nobody wants to believe that. I completely agree with you and I prepare for bull and bear. I hope to buy btc for cheap price and after to go up to 40k

  14. Excellent. Thank you.

  15. Diverse (DVRS)
    Awesome new proof of stake coin super low price currently!
    Great returns 700% apr currently just to put in your wallet! Do your own research!!!

  16. The mining cost to mine 1 btc is 2,800. The lowest it could possibly go it 3k.

  17. This is not good EW interpretation. Your counts are niave.

  18. I'm no EW expert, but you have wave iii (Feb – Sep 2017) as the shortest and thought that wave 3's couldn't be the shortest…?

  19. Michael Giannini

    brilliant watch. thanks again waves.

  20. kimfromnewyork

    OK, great video again, how about this…. if you redraw the upper trend line from the top to touch the second highest peak that happened 6/7 jan, and class the third peak where your upper case X is as a failed breakout of that trend line, then we already have tested / hit the lower case x on the 24th march and are now heading down to to the impulse wave Y. also have you ever used the 'moon phase' indicator in trading view? full moons are dark circles, new moons are white circles, we have a full moon on the 31st march, it gives us about a 4-5 day window of hitting lows, check it out 😉

  21. Great video! Keep going

  22. Kudos on looking at the chart from the beginning.
    It would be helpful if, instead of saying “here” and “this point” you would say the number. If I’m driving and listening I have no idea what you’re intending to say.

    Thx for your work.

  23. Smooth Operator

    +Waves618 Please read this article and give us your thoughts. I'm fucking shocked:

  24. Hi waves, what is your take on tax and losing btc if everything grows in value?

  25. You’ve now earned that right to be part of the NOTIFICATION GANG…Legendary!

  26. Not a forensic but….. You using the same “yeah” …. the same “vocabulary ” …. same “accent” … You MUST BE either related or buddy of FinancialFreedom Nas! I bet my ass !

  27. That's some serious bear porn and i welcome it! Thanks for the update Waves! Cheers

  28. Gerald Ambrosia

    Nah it's a completely different environment now with bitcoin awareness and vested ineterests.

  29. We will not go below 7000 again

  30. Great one Waves!

  31. Octavian Ganea Motoraş Puficel

    Great again, as we expected! You are very very good in TA! Best regards. Waiting for the next updates! Thank you.

  32. Smooth Operator

    This is not going to be possible man. I mean it is if we just look at the history of bitcoin, but the difference now is there's a huge demand for bitcoin, when mass adoption and the dumb money kicks in there's no way BTC can only be worth a couple of dollars. You also have some amazing utility coins that are already doing big partnerships with companies like Microsoft, IBM and I heard Santander is soon going to be the first large bank using Ripple. If it drops to 3.000 it's going to go straight up to 50.000.

  33. fantastic time

    Absolutely superb!! Thank you

  34. Legend

  35. Izolda Kelemen

    Amazing video, thank you so much

  36. Nice work!  How do you short Bitcoin?  What platform?  Cheers.

  37. Really impressed with your analysis…..glad I found your channel

  38. Mahmoud Abdeldayem

    Thanks! Do u see any other combination for this correction?. I'll be looking for 5 waves up to finish the C.

  39. I wished it was 2013, i could buy cheap btc…

  40. Thanks for your input.
    If I get that correctly you assume we are in wave ii of a major wave 3, instead of being in the major wave 4 (and thus don't have to look for alternation here). Can you elaborate on this assumption ?

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