Bitcoin price technical analysis – 20th April 2018

Bitcoin price technical analysis – 20th April 2018

Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis. Where will Bitcoin price be heading? See the video for my analysis on bitcoin price

Over the years I have learnt that the best traders are the ones that develop their social network. In this game knowledge is power and one can never have too many contacts. For that reason I have created this channel to share my knowledge with you and broaden my social network.

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  1. Francisco Villegas Aguilera

    Hello Waves618. I am looking forward to see your update! Thanks for your work. You are my fav man!

  2. Bruce Roberts

    When’s your next video Waves? 👍🏻

  3. Izolda Kelemen

    thank you,

  4. CryptoLearnAU

    Bitcoin is truly solving the problems of paper and fiat currency.

  5. Love this channel, man lays out so many valid options of what could happen, thanks for the video! I swear you must be related to "financial freedom" YouTube/ twitter channel lol

  6. The Journey of One

    Good video. It seems that there is some new excitement and positive news pushing the price up. I am hoping for a big move to the downside so I can get some cheap Bitcoin.Lets see how things look on Monday perhaps that is when the move down might begin.

  7. So guess what, it did break today. We going up now to the 12k? I'm not convinced on volume yet…

  8. Perry Hershman

    I have earn a lot of bitcoin through mining by info@grahambitcoinmining. com…He is legit and operations are perfect…Still can’t believe it and I am so happy working with him..Great job Graham👍

  9. fawad shahzad

    Love your videos. Plz also go on some alts

  10. Thanks again for the scenarios & roadmaps. Nas of FF is also "revising" his bearish scenario with "a flat" ABC for an (another) X.
    What's gonna happen during the upcoming retracement will determine how BTC will get out of the "log" triangle: up or down? If it goes up, I might try to trade (long with no leverage/margin) a bit in order to aim for this 11-12k potential next X wave.
    With the strategy to hold or swing long, I still think that the price is too high for the big smart-money investors (and for me as well – even if I'm "dumb" money) & I think BTC is still in a corrective move down to 3000-ish USD (wick on a daily), unless it breaks this potential X wave around the 12k mark.

  11. thanx for the update , so finaly you also think that btc will hit 3500-4500$ ? for the you think that most of them are in a consolidation and accumulation phase ? looking forward to your next video 😉

  12. So clear and logic! Sir, You are ment to help! Thank you again!

  13. I hope you’re right cos I’m waiting for the dip to buy first bitcoin

  14. Thank you!

  15. Great video as always. Thank you!

  16. I'm struggling to understand the justification for why you feel WXYXZ scenario is less likely now when you say it's b/ the alts don't have enough room to fall. But if all those same alts had room to fall more before the spike last when we broke the linear trend line, why wouldn't they have room to lose the ground they have made up on that spike plus whatever they would have lost on a further dip? If anything, alts have soared vs btc so I would think they should have more room to come down now then they did before even after we fall back into mid 6ks.

  17. Steven Desmet

    Great video again. Much appreciated!

  18. I feel like we are out of the corrective market so the XYZ is irrelevant

  19. I always look forward to your videos. Great update. Thank you.

  20. Thanks

  21. excellent as usual!!

  22. (Y)

  23. Carlos Purchase-Galarza

    Nice one

  24. XRPopulis 589

    Excellent TA! Thanx

  25. noblesse noblesse


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