Bitcoin Price Rally and Finance with Ryan Scribner and Ivan on Tech

Bitcoin Price Rally and Finance with Ryan Scribner and Ivan on Tech

Bitcoin price has skyrocketed the past few days and today we talk with a big name here on youtube – Ryan Scribner who has a channel all about finance and investing.

Ryan’s channel:


  1. Hi, well I doubt that finance industry really want block chain technology. That means full and correct information for everyone and no information asymmetry. And through information asymmetry, the big players like Goldman Sachs make huge profits! Hence, blockchain means perfect information means no information asymmetry for huge players and no asymmetry means no comparative insider advantage means no profit!😉😠😤

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    donate and help just tryna survive in this cold world

  3. Zen-activités

    Can you create a alt coin for me ?  I would like to fund plastic recycling in the world with a alt coin.

  4. Ivan, I'm a long time watcher and I've just got to say it's been a pleasure watching your professionalism grow overtime and you're doing a wonderful job representing the crypto community. Thanks for all you do!!! 😁

  5. sharon deles yabut

    Looking great Ivan!!!

  6. Awesome as usual! 👌👏

  7. Ilya Pasumanskiy

    Why are we watching this Scibler fuckhead???

  8. so ryan is your brother?

  9. Honestly I should add that if you're REALLY interested in cryptocurrency trading you should have a look at Chris Dunn and Francis Hunt/ The Crypto Sniper channels… They are among best traders I know of.

  10. Ivan your channel keeps on getting better!

  11. Gentleman Hack

    What is Bitcoin ?

  12. I've been subscribing to both of you for a few months now, glad to see this kind of conversation being had. I've been doing lots of reading/learning on both topics and have traditional stocks and cryptocurrencies in my investment portfolio. Thanks for this!

  13. They can't short bitcoin, that shows you how much they don't understand the technology. Is this not the purpose it was created for? Not for big banks and institutions? They are selling it against the USD not anything else. It will be fun to watch.

  14. Bitcoins scaling… The miners are now making $35 000 000 per day!!!

  15. Once you understand the technology. Your perspective totally changes how you look at the use case of cryptocurrencies. I can personally attest to that fact thanks you and a few others.

  16. This was a great interview Ivan. And yes this is a great starter book to read.
    Now as far as the new people getting in the crypto space. I think what your missing Ivan is that most people don't care to actually know how somethings works. They just want to know it works. I think the use case of cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to achieve mass adoption of the technology. Everyone wants money or some "easier way" to get it. The techy people like you and I like crypto. But we are looking at the bigger pictures. The a scammers in my opinion are playing on people using the old understanding of money/stocks and trying to apply it to this. That was a great theory too and something that I have been wondering too. I guess we'll allhave to wait and see what happens when the cme comes online.

  17. Kurdish Investor

    Guys, what is the best scaling coin ever? Realistically?

  18. great stream guys!

  19. Eljaja Chiripa

    Coluld you link that TA guy, tom vayx. ? Can't find him, tack

  20. Ryan is not a gambler that I know

  21. gambling versus investing

  22. How rich are you now ?

  23. FFS,.. why doesn't Ryan get a headset and totally eliminate that annoying lag and echo!

  24. Could you work on your accent?
    I learn English by listening to videos. And when listening to you it is some kind of degradation for me. My brain doesn't like it.

  25. Hi Ivan!

  26. can we gift ryam a headset
    seriously, this echo is annoying af

  27. tone is a bum who thinks everything other than btc ought to be outlawed

  28. Good Interview

  29. Thanksgiving weekend was the catalist for this. Christmas is not far off. Its celebrated in many places around the world… Lets see how that goes….

  30. 25:30 Boom and Bust, Soros style

  31. (((They))) want Bitcoin to go away.

  32. Also I think that you need to be not only mentally prepared but also financially prepared and make sure you do take some profit as a % of your crypto portfolio. Yes it means selling a little but at least on a drop you have some protected fiat and the possibility to buy back in. Just decide on what % you want to keep in fiat

  33. Dyamond Lanier

    Are you talking about the basic?

  34. Dyamond Lanier


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