Bitcoin price could go to $50k this year – Teeka Tiwari | VRIC18 | Cryptocurrency Insights

Bitcoin price could go to $50k this year – Teeka Tiwari | VRIC18 | Cryptocurrency Insights

Co-Editor of The Palm Beach Letter, Teeka Tiwari, interviewed by Natasha Frakes at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2018.

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  1. Crypto Granny

    ☘️☘️ fabulous Teeka Tawari ☘️☘️ all you Silver Haired people out there thinking about investing in Crypto Currency listen to this man.. Crypto will be the new currency (give if time) ☘️💚love Crypto Granny UK and Ireland 💚💚

  2. CryptoLearnAU

    The motivation behind the creation of Bitcoin was to end corruption, financial instability and solve the problems of paper and fiat currency.

  3. man she is hot!

  4. really???

  5. I dumped all my crypto for Verge, big partnership been announced on the 17th. I hope it pays off, they same its going to change the face of crypto worldwide. It's also right now about the only crypto going up while everything else is going down.

  6. Hi were so and so, we don't know shit! We work for fiat from a corporate master and he says we do good job.

    Take advice from us because we look good. I mean look at all this stuff around me. Clearly were important.

    Big words, use hand gestures, talk like your teaching children that hot burns.
    Listen to these guys if you want…


  7. Josee Gabrielle

    He is so good and so right. I trust him more than anybody

  8. Youd havr to be a complete fucking moron if you believe this shit

  9. 2:11 "we all heard of Bitcoin and uuuurrrm" couldn't name another LoL

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  11. Данил Зенков

    Hmm…but now there is a fall of cryptology…and against the backdrop of the fall of the market, I would advise you to take a look at the young motives, for example, I invested in the GPT from the TokenGo project and advise you, since the project has very good prospects!

  12. The bitcoin can go down to 50¢ by the end of spring 2018?
    The price of bitcoin is $7810 on March 27,2018!
    The price of bitcoin was $19783, just over 3 months ago!

  13. bangem andleavem

    Teeka Tiwari ? he just lost you a fortune. down 70% since his call to buy

  14. Luciano DeAngelo

    Anybody want to go in on a PBC crypto newsletter together?

  15. But Bitcoin is the PEDO's coin

  16. Eric Nyotosetiadi

    I'm here for her tits


  18. Maureen Eugene

    If ever you are looking for a trustworthy coin to trade on then try out Education token(LEDU coin) on liveedu, it is actually a good investment that you wouldn't want to turn down. Can you also believe that currently they are paying their project creators in cash and in coin.

  19. pump and dumper confirmed

  20. People will pump up the crypto market when the dollar gets devalued after the petro yuan goes into effect on March 26th 2018. They will try and find a safe haven but how will it be priced in a devaluationary period.

  21. Nah, definitely not gonna happen this year. Maybe it will climb back to 20k or something, but a rise to 50k THIS YEAR… is wishful thinking ; )

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