Bitcoin Price Correction? Buying Opportunity For Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Price Correction? Buying Opportunity For Cryptocurrency?

Over the last couple hours we have noticed a Bitcoin price regression. We do not have enough data to suggest that Bitcoin has reached its bottom. This is not a time to panic if Bitcoin does continue to pull back. Remember pull backs are buying opportunities.

This is not professional investment advice, I am serving as a medium, to assist people in understanding market principles as everyday people.


  1. You can buy Bitcoin Here on Coinbase and sign up for Binance Exchange Here

  2. Patricia S.R. Moreno V.A.

    Buying opportunity…dollar cost average ….

  3. out of btc – in IOTA now.

  4. Bearish Golden Cross 2 hours ago on Bitcoin 60m chart…. 50MA crossed 200MA…. extremely bearish… see ya around 11k

  5. Jeff!!! You rock man!! Make sure you allways KEEP IT REAL!!!!

  6. LOL, pull out now and buy back when it is 10 000$. Why not sell now?

  7. I don't even bother now with other you tubers….your the man,but Damn when do you sleep?

  8. Watch WALTON news on twiter!! Korean exchange is here just watch !!!!

  9. You want to know what btc will do ?
    As soon as it hit the CME Future Exchange you just had to follow that to know the direction.
    The professionnals holding future contracts… why would they do that and don't buy bitcoin ? These pros now who are "speculating" on the price of btc through the future exchanges are taking advantages of leverage without even holding a single btc. This is how Wall Street works !
    So if you keep your eyes where the future price is that the price where the btc will go ! As simple as that.
    You want to hold btc as long as futures are being BID HIGHER 😉
    Tell me ONE ASSET that has been not be gamed by Wallstreet 😉

  10. Must be a buying frenzy out there, just had a notice pop up saying there is a lot of traffic and fees could be higher than normal

  11. Tech Info India

    Is the bubble starting to burst?

  12. David Esposito

    very helpfull. thank you ! It helps me to stay coooooool

  13. Hey Jeff …..Thanks for the vids and advice. Keep it up 🙂

  14. altcoin buzz, do you think bitcoin cash will rise to BTC levels 10-15k?

  15. When it touches $15K, expect massive buys for bitcoin. I am waiting it to touch 15K so I can buy a few bits. No way in the horizon no matter how you magnify the chances that bitcoin will go down crashing $10K, Ohh no. But if that do happen cos of titans, am a gonna buy again lol! Let them dump! C'mon bring it.

  16. Good shit man

  17. Great insight. Thanks for your knowledge. Will be watching for years to come. Hope you are successful with your endevours mate.

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  19. what do you think bitcoin cash will do once coinbase starts actually selling?

  20. Isn't it ironic how I can't transfer money from Coinbase to GDAX (same company) at this time. It just won't allow me at this time.

  21. What would be a good exchange to get in to? I have a coinbase account and cryptopia takes ages to verify, bittrex have halted new registrations.

  22. Ramakant Sharma

    Sir my basic verification did not match through public records. But i have verified successfully enhanced verification on Bittrex. Can i able fund widthdrawl?

  23. Seems to be the best YouTube channel… Altcoin buzz . You're doing awesome guys.

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