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  1. Maybe trevon you can make a video how to earn in btc for free? No investment i will appreciate it God bless you.

  2. you expect a crash or a drop of prices with segwit2x?

  3. Jackson 360 Hustler Nation 360

    What you think about bitbot leanding? 1MfT52sWLrZLxg7Fawbg6osaSyEht9QFQk

  4. King of the King is MR Trevon James : 1J3UpseJsTKAHwu15GKX2sHNqWbahT3ttA

  5. So is this basically like the stock market?

  6. Send me any (Maybe some other too!), Thanks!

  7. What alt coin do you think is better to invest into and how would I get into it properly?

    BTC: 19LYszhR3v8AWG3czMQYpY6hzKXPhiCJKg

  8. What are the positive effects of Bitcoin gold? 15BWQTbU783hfPw4epeATLsWmjRJTd5kcH

  9. MoNiMoNProDucTions

    I been trading forex for 4years and I've learned whatever happens on the left side of the market typically happens on the right. I'm thinkin BTC will go down below 4800 if not , hit around 4600ish . Do you use any price action or you prefer RSI indicator only and candle stick reversals/patterns ? Where else do you do your analysis for Charting Tradingview .com ? Any suggestions for BCC candlestick charts? Cheers ?

  10. Yea I definitely should've sold Ripple when it was high, I had the itch to sell when it recently hit 30 cents again but i let it rock.. ah well. I'm about to throw that whole pot into bitconnect soon anyways.

  11. I'm looking to hold some Alt coin for my son. Long term. Do you have some alt recommendations for long term holds? Bittconnect, Lumen, Vertcoin, Doge…… Just running it by ya. The final decision is mine. Thanks!


  12. What’s the best way to earn bitcoin


  13. I put all my bitcoin into Bitconnect. Do you think that was a good idea or should I pull some out?

  14. rolanda williams

    1KcS1JmYSzpKUFu8dEMhJaVKZkMaKUThrX Neo replaced bitconnect on the market for number 8 place should we consider buying Neo also? Do you think its a worthy alt coin?

  15. is it worth to take loan and invest ? about 1-2k?


  16. Shaquan Woodward

    8K6qnVUdJXJcRtswApd1z2yMEXohRcykPd how much is it too buy a bitcoin on coinbase

  17. I read an article saying bitconnect is a ponzi scam. How would you refute that?. Thanks for the videos always awesome info


  18. Get a chance to start with LOW EthConnect prices before its open right here

  19. Hi Trevon. I'm a new trader without much of a financial background, and I've experienced a few successes and failures in my trading activities so far. I want to continue learning and so I was wondering which resources would give me a comprehensive breakdown of crypto trading 101?


  20. I was wondering if you thought about NXT and IGNIS? Is it worth to invest in? Or what new crypto has the potential to get up? Thx 1DCHHywRZ2NxVuifEdRpv3tk6RbjihLczq

  21. If that’s

    So we should be buying dash, bitconnect and bitcoin, what about ICO s like electroneum? 1CkUCeFcvRpSiRCrq4TTcPnr1CRGbNSbM6

  22. I just did my first loan this morning!!. Hopefully I can reach your success with Bitconnect.


  23. do you think ltc could hit the hundred range again?


  24. Really dont get it how bitconnect coins go up when bitcoin goes up…


  25. lets wait for hard fork

    what others altcoin should i invest in?


  26. If BTC and Alt coin both are going down , then where is the money going …?

  27. Very nice dude 😀

  28. Do you ever try short trading? Also what do you think of the Falcon Coin ico?

  29. Where do you guys store NEW coins and tokens?? I'm just starting and I only know where to store the popular ones. A new coin called FLIK. Where do I store this?? PLEASE HELP!!!

  30. New reply on "Hello sir you are awesome. All your video are superb. Got lot of information. Thanks a lot. 3DqKU1h7v2BgC8tmy74W­y7YT5VFXCfzZKE"

  31. Hey, what does your altcoins portfolio look like? 1FyCybGALqP8TMKrzQe4gdWD3ogc2nvGDN

  32. What is number 1 thing you look for when deciding to make a move on coins? What was the turning point for you or crossroad that lead you to the path you are on? 18XmARrBx7g8JpKcttUjmWJDBCw8NHpCy2

  33. A lot of people lost IOTA transferring it in Iota wallet, seems there is a kind of bug, do you know when it ll get fixed or if it's safe now transfer them in offline wallet? 18rPDh5xWzZUFaPTCewFvUSWugdxPWUPFo

  34. Just started with crypto coins where should I begin?

  35. how do you feel about what happened with control finance? I always felt that site wasn't keeping it real with us. 1GDq6TD1GJ4BTv7xrWbGRrmJXszi8encmW

  36. Thanks for you daily inspiration
    What do you think about ripple i read MS are supporting it


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  38. not struggling that much anymore :O


  39. fork killing my alts but im strong with my hands and comfident

    1KDRo7hF6ExVkvuuiEoHtVzHd58qvLRDuj = BTC

  40. Trevon dollar for dollar what would you rather invest in genesis or bitconnect, if you were starting over?
    I like having both but i am interested in what you would recommend like x percent in bconnect x percent genesis.

    if i win please donate to charity hurricane related


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  42. Moisés Beltrán

    I'm a newbie to this but i think i learned new thinks with your video thanks trevon 19bmngr5GYTrBPCJQiTYDdyHhqRjA7YGsi

  43. Good Video, I'm new to the bitcoins market, and your videos helped me a lot, and I'm going to launch in bitconnect, thanks for the tips, I'll always follow you.

  44. Hey tre My question is. Should we buy litcoin or ETH since they correlate with bitcoin but knowing that I already know its a risk Im taking if bitcoin drops? 19DuHoHdi7GTzGP6JpBrJTM7ptMH9vB9WU

  45. Love your videos Trevon keep it up I've learnt so much from your work and we all know the only reason prices are going down is the event coming up. 3EiVv8rp7aVSMBqEtP4nYPxE4zYWdDU3La

  46. Chidubem Nwanneka

    Bitcoin will definitely appreciate with time

  47. How can I create bitconnect wallet.. Pls?

  48. Waoooh… I love your videos, its so educative, more grace to you, Watch Ur Video daily


  49. Waoooh… I love your videos, its so educative, more grace to you, Watch Ur Video daily


  50. Bitcoin will recover.

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