Bitcoin Mining with Decentralized Super Computer (Elastic PL use-case)

Bitcoin Mining with Decentralized Super Computer (Elastic PL use-case)

This is a video created by chief developer (@Evil-Knievel) of Elastic, to demonstrate the potential of Elastic. Mining Bitcoins is not a practical use case (the cost of mining Bitcoins would be far greater than the amount you’d gain), but it is a great way to demonstrate the potential of Elastic. With Elastic you can design your own tasks/requirements using the Elastic programming language (Elastic PL). The Elastic programming language allows Elastic job authors to express complex algorithms to be solved for bounties, paid for with XEL, the Elastic crypto currency. The language is loosely based on the C programming language incorporating many of the basic operators and functions.


  1. Shirlee Johnston

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  2. W. Maximillian de Johnsonbourg


  3. is this channel still alive ?

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  6. I don't get it please explain. You found old bitcoin block? Why don't you mine new one? How long would this take if possible and for how much. Would that be so fast to find a new 25 Bitcoin block in real time?

  7. Раджив Хасанов

    where I see calculator profit?

  8. Vote on no confidence if he can't even get Golum to run

  9. paulo cesar monteiro dos santos


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  11. Strangers4Life09

    You are a good man! Keep it up EK!

  12. I could Clean up the Audio for you If you like. PM me if you're interested

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Nobody with a Serious Whatever will be writing in Elastic PL himself? HUH??

  14. This video blew my mind I love this

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  16. Nice Project! Go!!

  17. This is a revolutionary project! 😀

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