Bitcoin Mining Profitable With USB Miner in December 2017?

Bitcoin Mining Profitable With USB Miner in December 2017?

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In this video we discuss whether or not mining for bitcoin using USB devices can be profitable. The price of bitcoin is now upwards of $8,000. I want to hear your opinion on bitcoin! Do you think the coin is in a bubble or will it continue to reach record highs on a weekly basis?

Since filming this video Bitcoin has risen nearly $9,000! With that being said, the numbers mentioned in this video are still relevant.
Do you think Bitcoin is headed for $100,000 or do you think it’s going down to $1,000?

You will also be able to buy bitcoin futures contracts beginning December 18th!
Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions

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  1. David Seth Allen

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  2. If you wouldn't mine bitcoin, what other currency would you do? I feel like the bitcoin ship has sailed for small miners and it would be better to diversify and mine a few other currencies and hope for the best.

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  4. is it possible to mine sha256 coins using usb miner?

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  7. Eugene Handyman297

    Hi nate, Q: maybe btc will not be profitable with a low Gh/s, but lets say a Avalon Nano 3 Newest USB 3.6Gh/s Asic Bitcoin Miner can it be used to mine other cryptocurrencies say e.g Monero or others?

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    dont forget input wallet address if you want sing up sucsess

  9. I am a subscriber to ur channel. Sir, pls i want to contact u thro your email. i am using Minergate to mine but i want to add a usb miner to boost my hashrate but do not know how. My mail:

  10. Excellent video, first time I have heard that saying good analogy.

  11. The average price in germany is 29ct
    I pay 23 ct and that's really cheap for germany ^^

  12. sebastiano luciano

    i gotthe usb but cant find softwear bit coins miner that runs on my computer

  13. scammer who paid you ;D

  14. lol nice one dude l want to know the dumb who believe this S*hit no need to question me will see that soon 1 month is short time if you don't know 😀

  15. you look like Max Verstappen

  16. Can you mine other coins besides Bitcoin, if so would it be profitable ?

  17. Also, what book do you recommend for absolute beginners in the stock market??

  18. Nate im new to the channel, i just subscribed. My plan was starting a lawn care business (im going to buy the lawn mower today) , then save up to 3,000$ , Spend 2,000$ on a good laptop and a 1,000 on trading in the stock market. Of course, throughout the process i will be reading books and learning from you about the stock market.

    ●■Do you think this is a good idea Nate?●■

    ■●And what should i change?●■

  19. Blue Collar and Rich

    Agreed… That gold miner's analogy is perfect for this!

  20. So what you're saying is…..I need to get back into designing ASICs.

  21. loving the daily uploads! keep it up!!

  22. Nicholas J. Paris

    This was a cool video Nate! So can a raspberry pi be used for mining too?
    New Stock Market Videos Now

  23. Nate Another Quote You Should Live By "They Way You Win The Game Is You Dont Play The Game You Play The Player "

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