Bitcoin Mining IPO, Bitfinex Tether Subpoenas And CobinHood Decentralized Exchange

Bitcoin Mining IPO, Bitfinex Tether Subpoenas And CobinHood Decentralized Exchange

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  1. The Modern Investor

    Skip ahead to 1:41 , I clicked the "Start recording" Button sooner than I wanted to.

  2. Observing the market trends closely and diving straight into big trading decisions was my biggest mistake. Thankfully I know better now and I feel trading with an expert might have been the best decision I ever made. I just can’t stop smiling over my recent profits

  3. hey what are the numbers???

  4. To The Modern Investor and anyone else that thinks the price of cryptos is going to sky rocket because institutional money is coming into the space they are completely wrong.

    Institutes and rich people don't want cryptos they want dollars. It will be similar to the precious metals market. The institutions will make ETF's and futures contracts for all the major cryptos. Then they can leverage their money and make tons of dollars in a much more stable crypto market bought and sold in dollars. Also they will make people think that they own a certain number of a certain crypto but in reality multiple people will have a claim on it.

    In order for the crypto market to sky rocket we need big companies to accept crypto but they will most likely make their own cryptos which is just a fancy gift card to the company that created it. Banks and other institutions will also make their own cryptos.

    So I expect the price of cryptos to go up slowly over time like gold.

  5. I hope Tether stays around and buys up more BTC for the next Bull Run

  6. Miners have become a mafia, we need non-minable coins.

  7. 22:19 My electric bill was around 1k each month.

  8. I agree, the price could go up, or it could go down 😛

  9. Justin McMillian

    Keep up the news, always decent information.

  10. I mentioned it in your last vid. The issue is “Over the Counter” purchases. BTC is being bought in huge amounts OTC. Price isn’t reflected on the open Market. No need to overcomplicate your theory. On the open exchange next to NO ONE is buying. Whenever in doubt always remember simply: SUPPLY AND DEMAND (buyers and sellers) period…

  11. The people manipulating the price of bitcoin should be sentenced for life , they do that for their own interest , we suffer in the end , Lets wait to see what the Sec says , after getting results on their bitcoin price manipulation

  12. Ripple helps banks make cross-border payments and transactions at lightning speed, meaning, it keeps the little man like you and me down where we are even faster.

  13. That "I can count" cracked me up. 🤣

  14. Thanks again sir! Btw, concerning decentralized exchanges you should do a piece on open ledger and bitshares! Such undervalued platforms! Plus bitusd as decentralized stable coin. Plus bts/eos rumors… open ledger helping with eosdac airdrop… why are those never in the news? Bts is one of the most used and better performing blockchains… Anyhoo. .. would love to hear your thoughts I guess. Cheers!

  15. Video too long

  16. SincerelyWilliam

    For those of you who keep bitching about his videos being long: 1. No one is forcing you to watch. 2. This is his fucking channel and he can post what he wants. 3. Instead of being a whiny brat, either create your own channel or stop being lazy and read about crypto news. 4. How fucking hard is it too simply watch some of his video now and watch the rest later. 5. The Youtube algorithim favors longer content. It's amazing how dumb a great deal of you are. And to The Modern Investor, keep up the good work. End of rant.

  17. Wait… Tether is in deep shit because they're issuing a coin that never follows markets up or down, just supposedly is matched in value to dollar parity. But the criminal FED can print as many paper and digital dollars as it wants, leaving us with less than 4 cents nominal value left over. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

  18. Cause of that 1 minute i was fixing my speaks for hour 🤣🤣

  19. 16:46 That's a lot of Bart Simpson's. TOTALLY organic.

  20. Hey, I really enjoy your videos but seriously I totally agree there is defiantly something going on with the market!! I 100% believe its Rothschild's and banks/American government who are messing it up.. Is there any chance you could do a video on it? And what you think, if it is them what can we do about it etc..

  21. Bitcoin is controlled by Governments and institutions that’s why they don’t have a problem praising it in the news anymore, they have the power to prevent it from going up.

  22. If you go to and search for EOS, it states in December that EOS will have its own Decentralized Exchange called EOSfinex. It has 549 Votes and it's 94%. Curious how that will be.

  23. Bitcoin could be named the new world currency and it would still go down.

  24. How much money are you investing over the next few months? How many people do you know who are hyped about putting more money in as soon as they can? Around Christmas I knew lots of people who were hyped about the space and were investing money. I don't know of anyone who is now. We had a 3 year bull run that got a lot of people excited and this years crash has damaged a lot of trust and confidence. There was plenty of amazing positive news coming out in 2014 but people still couldn't trust the market with their money. We were in a bear market for a year and a half. It takes that long to get over the hurt that comes from a crash and a loss of faith. We need more time to build trust again.

  25. Experts? Don’t make me laugh

  26. takes a while for the rich to get there money in place to make moves

  27. I keep hearing big whales are buying BTC Over The Counter. Its not reflecting the market right now. Not sure though

  28. Have a great day. Let's go Crypto

  29. Crypto and block chain events in Atlanta next week, heads of the SEC will have a hearing about regulation.

  30. 3 pools together own more than 50% of the hash power.. 3 pools.. and people call BTC decentralized. what the hell.

  31. two things can happen:
    1: the price goes up
    2: the price goes down


  32. TA on Bart Simpson heads

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