Bitcoin mining booming in Canada

Bitcoin mining booming in Canada

Sites mining bitcoin are popping up in Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and B.C. as a relatively cheap and reliable supply of electricity makes digital currency mining a cost-effective proposition. The site are filled with computers, known as rigs, that process digital currency transactions in order to earn digital currency.

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  1. Ketty Winslet

    I have invested in more than 5O ICOs . To be honest , Strong team is great rewards in this industry. For upcoming ICOs , GIG9 is my favourite choice . Incredible concept by the prestigious Oxford university UK students . Totally into this ??

  2. David Barnes Stuff

    Not so much bitcoin (maybe, who knows) but blockchain technology is going to be one hell of a ride. Fasten your seat belts.

  3. Clayton Foster

    Time to get ready for two of Canada's emerging industries… Bitcoin and Cannabis!

  4. Vance Gosselin

    I think BitCoin is a scam


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  6. Theo Gallagher

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  7. Obviously not in Ontario. My morning toast costs me $12.86 in electricity usage, never mind computer servers.

  8. They don't care about those who can't afford it.

  9. Be prepared to pay another 1,000$ for a computer because of this crypto craze cause the price of a graphics cards to skyrocket a simple 300$ graphics card is now nearly 1,000$ so this will have heavy and expensive ripple affects that hit those who aren't crypto miners the hardest guaranteed were already feeling it here in the united states I just may have to buy a gaming computer due to the sky high prices for a graphics card.

  10. You have to be insane to start a Bitcoin mine so late in the game.

  11. TheChosenSquirrel

    I don't know how they can make profit with our power prices, but good to see its catching on.

  12. Jesus is the way!

  13. I like Maidsafe's farming approach. Sharing spare hdd capacity

  14. Robert Fierce

    This will inevitably make electricity more expensive for all Canadians in the future. This is actually a bad thing.

  15. Mark Schroeder

    For comparison it would be nice to know how much power is used by the things Bitcoin can replace.  The immutable public ledger of the blockchain can remove the need for trusted middlemen (and the cut they take) in many many parts of the economy.  So when we talk about BTC mining's power usage we should also have figures on how much power all of the worlds banks, insurance companies and accountants use.  How much power do VISA and MasterCard use?  How much power does Wall Street use? How much do the world's money printing mints use?  My guess is that switching to Bitcoin's honest money and smart contracts on the blockchain will save the planet far more energy than it uses.

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