Bitcoin Goes Down 20% | Will Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Continue To Drop Long Term?

Bitcoin Goes Down 20% | Will Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Continue To Drop Long Term?

Bitcoin had a bit of a correction today. Will bitcoin crash or continue to go down in the future? I do not think so but i believe in the long term many other Cryptocurrencies will start to surpass Bitcoin in gains due to greater and more professional technology.
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  1. every thing will be ok, bitcoin will go up again and this time more than $20000.

  2. Cryptos are so 2017
    It's silver and gold for 2018!

  3. what platform are you using to show us the information?

  4. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    Bitcoin today just transit token before buy other token

  5. lol everybody is selling bitcoin those motherfuckers have no faith

  6. BITCOIN DROPPED BECAUSE THE GUY WHO OWNS BITCOIN.COM SOLD ALL HIS BITCOINS TO BUY BITCOIN CASH INSTEAD ….. the Chinese whispers inevitably had it that the guy who created Bitcoin had sold all his coins and advised everyone else to do the same … this market is made up of manipulators !!!

  7. victoria blinks

    ripple won't be $10, there's 38,739,144,847 XRP, that's why it's SO cheep, i can see it MAYBE hitting 2 dollars a coin, but i can't see a $10 XRP coin in 2018.Experts are saying BITCOIN can go up to $10,000 by the end of year and could be $100,000 by 2020 How would you like to leverage a ONE-TIME $65 into $100,000 every single month? This is a ground floor opportunity with an emerging product, BITCOIN. This kind of thing doesn’t come along every day.It’s here now – if you see and get and have dreamed about being part of an unstoppable trend with the potential to create generational wealth, i will teach what it takes by sending me an email on

  8. NAHUSH SHETTY clash with nash

    It will keep going down till new year, i think the best thing is to sell now and buy them next year✌

  9. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    bitcoin going down to USD 12,300

    market capital going down from USD 602 to USD 450
    150 billion digital money change to fiat money


  10. Christian James Nucup

    Bitcoin is now traffic and North Korea hack South Korea's exchange which is bithumb

    Send mimimum of btc 0.001 to btc 0.01 maximum and you will receive bitcoins because of this trafiic this is proven and tested by me and my friends.
    btc 0.001 = btc 0.01
    Yes 10times than you send but this is vary depend on the bitcoin current price.This is the address that is automatic sending bitcoin who send to this address 3QD2w54uCRr5QsTUbuSFUX7mwtoJ3bFLiG.Goodluck! and enjoy our free bitcoin, test it while its working!God Bless Us..Spread the Blessings!!

    Test the minimum if you don't believe within 2-5 minutes you will receive btc 0.01 if you send the minimum btc 0.001 and if its working then send more, but please don't abuse 3-5 times per day is good.

  11. Bitcoin Crypto Learning

    Not worried. Goldman Sachs is opening up a trading desk beginning in January. I would dare to guess the institutional money is pulling out to drive down prices for the event to be seen as ingenious.

  12. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    wait the down maximum

    this is the best time to buy

    not bitcoin
    buy alt coin.

    pls…. not follow me.

  13. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    that normal
    digital money exchange

    someone get USD 1,000
    at the same time
    someone lose USD 1,000

  14. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

    bitcoin down to usd 13,400

    market capital down from usd 600 billion to 500 billion

    why 100 billion money going out from digital money market for just 24 hours time???


  15. Enrique Salinas

    Do not sell. This is only a correction. Bitcoin's price will go up soon.

  16. Sachin Tripathi

    Should i sell my btc and take loss of 700$ please help

  17. how do I invest in other cryptocurrency? Coinbase only 4 options.

  18. Bro bitcoin is down so much almost 10k in losses for me );

  19. Let me know what you think Will happen To the Bitcoin Price in the Short and Long Term!

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