Bitcoin Getting Ready To Move!! [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Getting Ready To Move!! [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin-Crypto News Today: Is Bitcoin setting up for a reversal? I use technical analysis to try to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I do some volume analysis and also look at the bullish pennant that the Bitcoin price has formed. In my Bitcoin technical analysis, I also show you two support levels in the Bitcoin price that are key. So, to find out where they are, watch the video!

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1:26 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
9:44 Ethereum Technical Analysis
12:03 Bitcoin & Crypto News

Bitcoin Cash Scam:
Reuters, Aurstralia Bank nab:


  1. 1:26 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    9:44 Ethereum Technical Analysis
    12:03 Bitcoin & Crypto News

  2. Hi, just subscribed, like the analysis and like the info 👍

  3. Great bitcoin and crypto video.

  4. Pratham Wadhwa

    Support 🙏🙏🙏

  5. How dare u say BCH is a scam ? Stupid kid !

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  8. Эмин Мамедов

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  10. Dominic Merlo

    I completely disagree. Bitcoin sub 6k coming soon.

  11. NICE VIDS BRO but do you segwit?? your address start with a 1 or 3 ?

  12. Samantha King

    I don't think it will bounce up till 5800.

  13. Aussie Guitars

    you think our banks are crap, take a look at our current government
    you should do a guitar video

  14. in this video were going to take a look at bitcoin and im showing you how i can fly


  16. I like shilling xst stealth!

    Superior stealth technology in a crypto currency.

    Seamless full integration with the tor network.

    It is ALREADY anonymously moving funds globally.

    Check it out. It will moon soon.
    Current price is an absolute steal!

  17. tayfun taşkıran

    Şu dil olarak değiştir: Türkçe

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  18. Excellent Carl, thank you

  19. It's always moving up down or side ways.


  20. shan priyantha

    Thank you!

  21. Thank you Carl ! It was found that the 6th of the month has been an important date in 2018 each time so far, a turning point (!), amazing, please watch this short video :

  22. I have seen many confused newcomers to loos money by sending BCH to BTC addresses. Rodger must be absolutely stupid if he thinks this type of aggressive marketing will bring him success. BCH will die as soon as Rodger will go completely crazy, witch will be soon.

  23. HI Carl!
    I think there's a h&s pattern in eth with a target at $460 and it's a fibonacci point too.

  24. Looks like BTC market cap bottomed and moving up, and ETH moving down slightly , 10K instaboom hopefully at breakout 😀

  25. 1000 % not a pennant and even if that was a pennant which it isnt it's a symmetrical triangle a pennant in that direction is bearish. Symmetrical Triangle goes either way, you got the cup and handle and possible triple bottom correct. Support is not at 6500 it's at 7k along your trendline and 68k you can range it as well. Get some more experience before giving people advice on YouTube.

  26. Rabie Alkamouchi

    Bitcoin is dead buy decentralised assic coins

  27. coppola999lfonl
    this link give you free bitcoin come to get it!!

  28. sean kuykendall

    Oh my my MY ETHEREUM…. why are you going DOWN!?! Come on man, you better sell. IF BTC GOES DOWN THE WHOLE MARKET GOES DOWN!!! Don't be fooled ladies and gents

  29. sean kuykendall


  30. Coinbase is shutting down for maintenance right about when the bots fire up on Tues

  31. Michael Manfro

    The people that are calling 4 K and 5K or stupid/ignorant or trolls

  32. I have never been more confused about BTC direction than I am now. Psychologically it’d make sense to break below to 4K break the spirit of newbie investors…but no working Lightning Network yet I dont really think BTC should be going up in value… Top notch content Carl, and why are your volume bars grey?

  33. Ѧ 1560.26343248 (account 1)
    Ѧ 983.54650283 (account 2)



  34. David Czajkowski

    Think we’ve just about reached bottom on this correction…another higher low would be great for long term outlook. If the small buy up and $350 dip on the 27th is anything like the buy up on 7th and $350 dip on May 11…then we’re ready for a breakout very soon…

  35. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Bitcoin Cash will serious devalue in time. Roger Ver reminds me of a dirty politician/banker nothing but lies and deceit about bitcoin.

  36. Digiclear 333

    Hey Carl what’s your opinion on a DOUBLE death cross that might form? How low you think that could crash it if it went down instead of up after that happening?

  37. Very simple, logical TA. Tone Vays number system makes no sense to me. This makes sense to me.

  38. The only Bitcoin Cash I have is from the fork. Haven't done anything with it or even claimed any free fork coins. Best to forget about them and maybe in years down the road find them in the couch cushions by accident and they might be worth a lot. . . or be dead and gone. Who knows. They are a risk-free speculation anyway. Bitcoin cash can be good for trading like Ripple, but not assets I would buy and hold. Roger is too severe with his ideas for me to follow his interests.

  39. This year Durov's Gram and Zilliqa will be the good coins) Many say that Zilliqa will give many X-es! Yesterday I participated in their airdrop I'm going to store them till 2019)

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