Bitcoin Falls Under $8,000 Again – Feb 5th Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin Falls Under $8,000 Again – Feb 5th Cryptocurrency News

This is a news update, NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.

Most of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are in the red today. So see how bitcoin performed over the weekend. Bitcoin briefly fell below $8,000 on Friday, we then saw it climb past $9,400 on Saturday before falling lower again. Today it remains at around $8,000. This time last year Bitcoin was just over $1,000.

JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup and Lyod’s bank have banned the use of credit cards for buying cryptocurrencies. This ban does not include debit cards.

A spokesperson for JPMorgan, told CNBC that “at this time, we are not processing cryptocurrency purchases using credit cards, due to the volatility and risk involved and added that they “will review the issue as the market evolves.”


  1. Peter Meissnitzer

    $10" going from 1c to 10 dollars is NOT sustainable "
    $100 " How the hell did it get that high "
    $300 "It's a bubble, it's going to pop"
    $1000 "Trust me, it'll burst, just wait a few more months"
    $2500 "Give it a few more days"
    $2000 "Ha, told you all"
    $4000 "It's still a bubble"
    $5500 "Ohh boy, that’s gonna hurt when it bursts"
    $7000 " This is the end , we are close …"
    $9000 " We all knew it wouldn't last "
    $11000 " Within a month it's toast "
    $13000 " It should have never made it this far "

    9 years later …..
    see where this is going….. the only BUBBLE BURST will eventually be FIAT currency .

  2. Douglas Musya

    i Told People, Once The Hype Hits In. Exit. No One Paid Attention.

  3. BLacK Rose641

    Don't need u to read a chart for me the question is why is cryptocurrency collapsing

  4. Peter Meissnitzer

    Here is my take on BITCOIN……

    It's about trust and confidence. Bitcoin have been running smoothly for roughly 9 years without any hiccup . Even if other more recent coins have more modern technology architecture, people will go with the one which is proven most stable and has the largest user base. Think I phone ( best operating system / first smart phone ) vs other smart phones … Levis jeans ( best quality / first jeans ) vs copy cats….

    Lighting Network ( LN ) will finish off the competition much improved speed and cost for transactions . Think BITCOIN 2.0 the new and improved version , ALT coins are after all just copy cats ….

    Also I hate how people say it takes so much electric power to create BITCOINS , well how much energy does it take to mine GOLD ??? is the question I ask …. A LOT , yeah that's right use your GOD given brain once in a while…..

    In it's inception it was 15c or so now roughly 10.000 US pretty damn good investment I would say and remember BITCOIN is just in it's infancy . If you invested 100 dollars in 2010 into BITCOIN your net worth would be over 100 million dollars US now , insane but true… never before in history has something created such EXTREME wealth , and this is just the beginning.

    Now let's look at the US dollar FIAT currency , roughly 250 TRILLION in debt with future obligations they LIE it's not 20 TRILLION , who the HELL is going to pay for this NO ONE , devalued daily , printed endlessly , backed by ??? , I think BITCOIN is a much better investment long term think RARE like GOLD limited in supply only 21 million or so can ever be mined , NOT devalued daily doing the opposite going up daily , sure dips and valleys but going up and up …. profit taking in between to be expected but in the end going up…..and up ….

    BTW BITCOIN is now the 6th largest currency in the WORLD , you read that right …. and
    remember it's just in it's INFANCY …. even micro bits will server you well in the future.

    And in conclusion I think out of the ashes of BITCOIN will arise a one world currency …. eventually , a new start think BITCOIN 3.0 that's my take on BITCOIN .

  5. Mr Bullish AF

    Hey its still up 600% to 800% more since last year what do get at the banks 3% term deposit.

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    It lets you keep track of all major crypto currencies Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash etc. Real time prices and trend graphics.

  7. Come on, people. Use your heads, and think logically. People should actually be wondering how the hell it ever got this high anyway, and sell now while they can. This is my opinion only, nothing else. Good luck to you.

  8. Dimitrije Jovanovic

    I can smell the odor of brand new gaming GPU bought at MSRP… Life is good 😁

  9. Shuushuuly Ahmed

    guys i just bought 100 xripple i wana hold for 2 years i hope the price for today it won.t be same after 2 year this is time to buy

  10. Like I posted previous video comment that banks ban credit cards but Not debit cards. O am not panicking. Im stacking for more BTC. Eth, ltc. And holding it. I been this for past 5yrs now.

  11. Aside from the bags we all hold, can you review the MoneroV fork and which exchanges will accept it down the road?

  12. Cheratica Lawrence

    I' ve done research for more than 1 week, Ice Rock Mining is on this moment one of the best ICO to invest in. There's no need to worry with IceRock smart contracts. they are not scams and i'm still investing with pleasure in ICEROCK2. They provide the best services an ICO can offer.

  13. We may see bear market but in a March we rise again

  14. maneesh kumar

    Lady is there somthing bothering you.. You sound uneasy ..!!
    I keep a regular chk over News BTC you guys are quick and crisp. Thanks

  15. Vinod Sasankar

    Y r so beautiful

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