Bitcoin Explained for Dummies – 3 Things I WISH I Knew…

Bitcoin Explained for Dummies – 3 Things I WISH I Knew…

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Bitcoin Explained for Dummies – 3 Things I Wish I knew when getting started in Bitcoin. What is bitcoin explained tech tips. Bitcoin explained and made simple. This is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies explained for beginners. Bitcoin for beginners and dummies – Watch this before investing in Bitcoin. How I got rich off bitcoin – cryptocurrency for beginners. Best cryptocurrency trading tip ever.

To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money. I Love Crypto!!!

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  1. bitcoin allready made his gains
    why other good crypto like neo , icon ,eth cant rise even more ?

  2. Wondefull///)

  3. John Straumietis


  4. Making big gains with bitcoin is history, bitcoin maybe will do 5x this year, while good alt coins will go 100x or more. There is way more potential in good alt coins. Bitcoin is a good store value coin though, but not for big growth.

  5. Ashley Fouche

    you contradict yourself mate. 1st you like wish I had know the price will never be this low EVER again…buy NOW. Then you say well DCA BTC – dont lump sum…. so what are you actually saying…. or not saying…other than boomshakalaka… cus that all I came here for.

  6. Vítězslav Krejčí

    The article he is reffering is quite old, from November 03, 2016. So it could has changes a bit in the meantime.

  7. DONT reply me, Dont highlight my reply, bro i love your videos inspired me to get into BTC,one thing i can suggest is do a video on [buying a Buy a Bitcoin from INDIA] this will help US very much and definitely your channel also

  8. OregonWarrior

    Randal, Great tips. One question: Are you still super excited about Lisk or not? Seems like the Berlin Conference was a let down.

  9. Just do the oposite what he says & youre all good

  10. I think this is possibly the best video you have put out. Thank you.

  11. Good content! Why don’t you get some more views? It will help your videos rank better! I used SMZeus . com on my main channel, it really helped me rank my videos. You will need to delete the spaces in the link as YouTube wouldn’t let me write it normally lol.

  12. Júlio Henrique Kasper

    I miss "boom shakalaka"

  13. What is this guy talking about. Unsubbed.

  14. Loved this one!!

  15. But. . . .

  16. first time  I had to disagree with you we are in a bear market

  17. The dont HODL alt coins thing is BS. That chart is for all time. BTC has been around the longest so it makes sense it has grown the most. Try doing a chart for the past 2 years and see what happens then

  18. michael wilson

    BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Another Great Video👍. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and trying to help people out! All the best to you

  19. crypto love i know your favorite coin is bit coin. but you mentioned you do hold a couple other ones which i know one has got to be list cause you a re firm believer like myself in list. what are you other hold alt coins? i know you are not a financial advisor but i have been following some of your plays and have made money. thanks bro. i appreciate it. which alt coins have given you the biggest gains this month would be great video. you eat we all eat. thank you in advance for helping us get this money…..

  20. Michael Gillet


  21. Alexis García

    One thing I wish I knew about bitcoin:

    1. Invested in 2010.

  22. Christina Steele

    Yeah I bet those Neo Hodlers are super bummed

  23. Lyubomir Angelov

    I love your channel but you totally lost me with the altcoin bs. And just FYI last year litecoin outperformed bitcoin and this year NEO will

  24. Ace video thanks Randall, wish had this video in Dec when startedup

  25. Cody Williams

    How can you say ripple isn’t going to do good in near future

  26. Very interesting video Crypto Love. However..if you hodl the RIGHT altcoins, get in at the right time, you do have the chance to make those massive x50, x100 etc. type gains and sooner than buying bitcoin/DCA with bitcoin…cheers👍🏽

  27. ELASTOS TO DA MOON!! up coming binance listing and 8 dapp releases next month its gonna be YUGE!!

  28. how's your ufc training? i'm looking forward to it

  29. What time is late night live stream.

  30. The Juggernaut Bitch

    Boomsh…….whatsup guys !

  31. jeffrey byron

    You show this chart often, but never explain what that chart is actually. Is that time plotted against USD price or BTC comparative? Or market cap? The one on top looks exactly like the ETH/USD logarithmic chart. Second, do you believe in the ideology of distributed open source systems, or are you mainly in it for the money (I've seen your video on exit strategies). Do you think there will be an adoption curve?

  32. Alessandro Nicoletti

    I partially agree, now we will see a real use token in blockchain like cargox, funfair, in their platform, this worked in the past.

  33. Hey Randall, would you mind reviewing origin trac? Thanks for the great content

  34. Nicholas Byrne

    Review TRAC?

  35. Bryan Carroll

    No more…Boomshakalaka? WTH, only reason I watch these damn videos… Ha! kidding, love ya bro

  36. Can I get a one on one with u

  37. João Carlos Johanson

    2nd, ops, 1st o.O

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