Bitcoin ETF Everything Explained

Bitcoin ETF Everything Explained

Big News at the moment is the Bitcoin ETF. What is it actually? What does it mean? How will it influence markets and prices? In this video I quickly look at Bitcoin, then I explain Exchange Traded Funds and then I discuss the reasons for putting Bitcoin on an ETF and then finally I explain why it got rejected by the Security Exchange Commission. Bitcoin to USD has been going crazy and it’s all because of the possibility of the cryptocurrency being listed on the stock market. Hope you enjoy the video.


  1. If you want to find a way to make Bitcoin you simply need to lookup for " pranaholistico bitcoin " in the google. My friend tried out too and he got 0.0178 BTC!!

  2. Is coinbase pro not an ETF where you can trade bitcoin live?

  3. LO. don't try to make more of these shit coins because all of them will be out of the market cap at the end of SEPTEMBER. you will see.

  4. Will we see a Cryptocurrency ETF in the next 12 months?

  5. What would be the name of your coin?

  6. Nice video. Simple & easy..

  7. It's "Winkle-voss" not "Vinklevosser"

  8. Everything that Winklevoss does fails for them??? Those 2 are Fckn Billionaires dude.

  9. Almost every term you used to describe what an ETF is went over my head…

    Investment Vehicle?
    Passive Investing?
    Basket of Securities?
    Equity Index?
    Bond ETF?
    Style? ETF?

    I must be an idiot or something…

  10. HAHA over priced at $1000 .. It's WinkleVos not VinckleVos.

  11. The Daily Compilation


  12. Price of crypto's (fiduciary, limited inflation) should be compared with other crypto's. Price of fiatmoney (unlimited inflation) should be compared with other fiat. Big fiat money inflow and outflow in BTC causes pricefluctuation. I believe crypto's gonna take over, according to me that's the reason why they do this. More inflow than outflow, accumulating and making it very scary for people. Big money always determines exchange prices. First quotations under 1$ at this moment 1230$. Already minimum 120.000%. Huh. Very good protection against system crash/collapse. System is much better than this zombie moneytary system with central banks and banks. As long it's controled by people. Possible timing here, when rewards are not significant anymore, (every 4 year coming closer). Scary crypto's best long term investing. IMHO


  14. By simply mentioning regulating Bitcoin it makes me cry, the idea is for it to be unregulated. Also you say you like some other crypto currencies, you use Etherium?

  15. Man Thats great video.I would love to know more about your coin

  16. Hey MJ. how can you be reached? Email?

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