Bitcoin early investors (1/4) – Marc de Mesel: cryptocurrency climate from 2012 till today

Bitcoin early investors (1/4) – Marc de Mesel: cryptocurrency climate from 2012 till today

Yesterday I went to Antwerp in Belgium to meet with early bitcoin investor Marc de Mesel. Marc shared some interesting thoughts on today’s cryptocurrency climate vs the climate before 2017 and experiences with regards to investing. Since Marc had so much to share, it was a longer interview than expected. So I had cut it up into 4 parts.

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** Part 1**
* Introduction Marc de Mesel & how he got into Bitcoin:
* Life before there was Bitcoin:
* cryptocurrency market, legal climate & portfolio diversification in 2012:

**Part 2 (coming soon)**
* 2013 cryptocurrency climate and the story around NXT
* IOTA in 2015 and why he did not invest in it
* Timing to get back in to IOTA and affects of a bear market

**Part 3 (coming soon)**
* Thoughts on an upcoming bear market
* Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash
* Why Marc likes Byteball

**Part 4 (coming soon)**
* Thoughts about ICO’s
* Why to be conservative based on previous experiences bubbles
* Nothing goes up in a straight line
* Previous corrections -90% / -99%
* Patience is a virtue, be rational & the Kelly Criterion
* The higher some things go, the higher the chances it will correct a lot
* ICO hype: timing is crucial
* Crypto is here to stay
Twitter: @dafamousdj

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  2. His Lamborghini from crypto profit

  3. I respect this man and have followed his blog for 5 years. He has recently began a patreon geared towards cryptocurrency investing and I fully expect him to deliver on his promises. You can read his pitch here:

  4. I just finished watching this four part series. Very informative. Thank you!

  5. Hardcore Gaming - Heroes of Newerth

    your links in later parts dont work

  6. Marc's been on quite a journey.

  7. Why does this dude make a stink face the entire time. Like he's smelling a fart.

  8. Hallo, did you ever make a video about how to get your privkey from the blockchain when "settings-addresses-options etc' does not go to it? I do not find any adresses beither. (I do have my recovery phrase if that helps)….I keep looking through youtubes but I do not find the answer.Another thing: my debit wallet doesn't work in shops here in Spain:-( Maybe Breda is more advanced….I have a uquid, but ordered the Tenx, thanks to you :-))And we'll see what it does here. The chip on the card seems to be smaller than the 'normal' chips on cards, did you notice?

  9. Great interview Levi. Cool to see two of my favorite Crypto Youtubers in one video, looking forward to the other parts.

  10. Join link

    open the website and click join.
    If you have not Blockchain address go to the link and signup for new account.
    Copy the bitcoin address from request tab and paste it MICROMINING website.
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  11. Awesome to see you guys on the channel Marc often has these deep thoughts that me say "mmmh I never looked at it that way before"

  12. Hi, can you make a video on How to import bitcoin from a paper wallet saved before July 31 and then split BTC and BCH to get Bitcoin cash BCH separate it.

  13. I also follow Marc's youtube channel because I like the way he is always questioning himself and how things can turn out, so great to see you both on this vid !

  14. 123 Conspiracy

    I always thought Bitcoin would be big. Getting rid of banks for their New World Order.

  15. English is fine, love the Dutch accent

  16. Guys, please consider doing the interview in Dutch and subtitle it. Your English is unfortunately not very good.

  17. nice, interview 🙂

  18. You and Marc! and in his lambo! I'm so jealous.. the only way I'd be more jealous is if you were in the back of a Bentley with Hans Zimmer

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