Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Update with Alex Saunders

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Update with Alex Saunders

Stock Market mentor Garry Davis interviews Cryptocurrency expert Alex Saunders for in an depth look at the best opportunities in cryptocurrency, where is bitcoin headed, including a detailed technical analysis from both Garry and Alex using the bitcoin price chart.

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In this interview Alex has addressed some common themes in cryptocurrency such as…
– A Cryptocurrency Market Update
– Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis
– Bitcoin Market Update
– Bitcoin Technical Analysis
– Can you trade bitcoin like a stock

That last concept of if you can trade cryptocurrencies like stocks is a very common question, particularly amoungst my subscribers.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update


  1. Hey guys I am aussie and with commbank. I currently have $2000 of alt coins on coinspot but too scared to withdraw while our corrupt banks try to shut it down. I also tried depositing on coinbase and commbank rejected it just wondering what works at the moment can i use btc markets or coinjar if I am with commbank to transfer to binance? thanks


  3. great video thanks

  4. Servizzi Simulators

    Thanks alot for this Garry and Alex

  5. I mean, I'm not really buying that justification of bitcoin's price to be honest. The fact that its market cap is only a small proportion of gold's market cap doesn't really mean much to me. Gold's a proven asset with underlying properties that makes it valuable. It has over 1000 years of proven demand and its universally recognised as being valuable – which is a justification of its market cap. Bitcoin didn't exist a few years ago, and while its limited to only a 20 million coins or something, there are 1000s of different cyrptocurrencies – I don't see why its market cap should be similar to that of gold.

    I mean, how is it possible that bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold can be spun off of bitcoin and they too rise quickly in value. Surely not all these things can have such value. Maybe im wrong, i would love for someone to explain to me how i am wrong.

    Regardless, thanks for the video gents, really appreciate it.

  6. Nugget's News Australia

    Thanks for having me on Garry!

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