Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ICO and Internet Privacy with Tone Vays on MIND & MACHINE

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ICO and Internet Privacy with Tone Vays on MIND & MACHINE

Bitcoin is capturing headlines with its sharp rise in price, giving credibility to the claim that it has the potential to become major disruptor in the global economy.

Many see it as a new, more secure form of cash and an independent safe harbor in times of financial crises. Some envision it as a new nationless currency that will increasingly be able to buy goods and services. Compared with cash and other financial assets, it can travel freely around the globe, bypass middlemen, and maintain anonymity of its owners.

It’s just one of many emerging cryptocurrencies, but as the first and most valuable, it has a head start in being a cornerstone of the new digital economic landscape.

Our guest today is Tone Vays. Tone is a former Wall Street guy, having worked as a systems analyst at Bear Stearns and then JP Morgan. He has now become a thought-leader and advisor on everything related to Bitcoin. He’s an influencer in the space at Blockchain trade shows, through his YouTube Channel and Podcast, and via his blog. He has a wide range of consulting clients on issues related to Bitcoin and trading.

We discuss Bitcoin, what makes it promising and why its price is rising so quickly. We compare alternate cryptocurrencies, discuss ICO’s, and explore internet privacy.

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  1. Wow great channel and quality – follow 🙂

  2. Lendex — Inclusive Finance Powered by Blockchain

    We met Tone at a Crypto conference in Saint Petersburg and enjoyed talking to him. I love how Tone explains sophisticated concepts in such a simple way. Clear thinking and experience help a lot. Awesome vid – recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about Bitcoin.

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  4. This is a fantastic video

  5. Cutting edge break throughs, Tone's been through it, understands it, and is now Teaching it! Must watch video

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    Tone Vays is the real deal 24/7!!!

  7. Wow, amazing quality Video August, i had no idea

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  9. Big thanks to August Bradley and Tone Vays for a great and informative show.

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