Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Australia Explained, LIVE AMA

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Australia Explained, LIVE AMA

A live Australian Crypto tax update coming up to the End of Financial Year. I will be taking live questions throughout.

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  1. good stuff again mate. I dare not buy anymore alt coins, I have over 15 and will wait for them to turn around before taking on more. Keep up the good work

  2. When is a video on 'how to take profits' coming, Alex?

  3. Does anyone know how the ATO will treat Airdrops. For example HST 100% drop. I have spoke with them and they direct you to current documentation. There is no commentary on Airdrops.

  4. Can you talk about the recent positive market news please? The ETH SEC ruling. Is the BTC bottom in legend? thanks.

  5. most of theses ico s are bullshit Alex i'd be very happy to see there prices below there ico launches and hopefully way less than that ! people dont understand blockchain, its slow, doesn't scale, and its expensive to utilise , most things dont need blockchain , its killer app is "bitcoin" this thing only works between digitalised bearbond type assets like bitcoin

  6. Attention EOS holders, there is now an audited wallet for your EOS MAinnet tokens (EOS RIO arranged the security audit)..simplEOS
    check this article

  7. I don't own any crypto, my kids do.
    They can't tax a 6 year old, can they?

  8. Макс Летов

    Odyssey is a great project) I hope it will shoot this year) By the way for those who doesn't want to buy – you can receive them free of charge in I received 65 thousand coins) Not much, but it is pleasant for me!

  9. I understand wash trading but hard to rule on in a market that is so volatile and fast moving. If i want to jump in and out of a coin to protect capital it may appear as traditional wash trading.
    Understandable if you sell something at a loss and buy it back within minutes though.

    I’ve taken some losses that so i’m not over exposed at tax time. If the rules become more favorable to crypto post 30/6 then its a bonus.

    Definitely feels like we are around that depression zone in the market cycle.

  10. The ATO is dreaming if they think we are even capable of working out our crypto to crypto gains and losses, let alone volunteering to hand over 50% of the so called 'profits'. They would do well to regard cryptos as no different to shares, and (at most) tax the capital gains on cashouts back to fiat. If they expect to tax crypto to crypto swaps, they risk generating massive civil disobedience, and they should be aware that, ultimately, one of the key features of cryptos is that governments cannot just reach into our accounts and seize them. If they try to get too greedy, they might end up with nothing.

  11. seriously how do you keep records of alt trading, if you are in the red they should just leave you alone..

  12. thanks for the video!! really enjoy your content. Got into crypto late last year and scared to calculate the tax lol I was thinking of calculating and submitting it around April 2019, in case ATO updates their rules/regulations in that time frame lol

  13. Виталий Лешко

    Holy Hell! The real thing from Telegram! Pavel Durov opened one more ICO lap on

  14. Great show again Nuggett

  15. Hi Nugget thanks for the tax updates. i live in Oz and have been trying to record all my trades (cash and swaps) over the last year. Its been an incredible amount of work. II hope the ATO take a supportive approach. Keep up the good work. Do you have a telegram account we can follow?

  16. There is too much good news lately.. I dont believe this is the end of bitcoin. Bring on ETF!

  17. Антонина Пчеленкова

    Once you will remember what I say and regret that you haven't the possibility to buy a coin which achieves a record among all cryptocurrencies! And it will be a GRAM coin from

  18. Hope everyone enjoys this quick live stream talking tax and market conditions 🙂

  19. @ Nugget – re the obligation of taxes. Considering we are in this ground breaking space, isn't it time we broke free of the old system. Something to read re the ATO?

  20. With all the bullish news in the last month it's hard to believe it's at these levels. Back up the trucks boys !

  21. What loser is going to pay tax? It is because of complacency that they even attempt this. Taxation is theft, how can someone have a "tax bill" for Crypto and furthermore, how can it be larger than your holding? Fuck off ATO, eat a dick!

  22. thanks Nugget 🙂

  23. I bought a bit of bitcoin, traded my bitcoin to some alt coin, and now I traded those alt coin back to bitcoin, I have never sold any of them for fiat currency, do I have to declare it on my tax return? I am from Australia too, Thank you.

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