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Could a Bitcoin short squeeze pull us out of a Bitcoin crash and give us the market reversal we need?

***Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not to be taken as financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes solely. I make videos to provide transparency about my moves in the cryptocurrency market for those that are curious.


  1. The Traveling Crypto

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  2. I can't find that shorts indicator

  3. Sales From the Crypto

    One thing that I like about you and your analysis is that you don't miss much. Until now… lol. The research report was written by someone with not only a lack of understanding of crypto, but how settlements work. They noticed a correlation between tether being exchanged before and after trades duhhhh! That is because they had to change it with something. If they used fiat they would have notice unusual volume of the US dollar before or after trades because the trades have to be settled in some form other than bitcoin. Its like saying for your TD Ameritrade account, that we noticed that your cash balance increased shortly after you sold your apple stock and the price of your apple decreased. Therefore you were manipulating the price of apple… I am not a defender or a lover of tether. Personally I don't use it anymore, but the so called research is one of the most asinine that I have ever read.

  4. What do you think of NLC2, they have accomplished so much in fantasy sports, they've come out with their platform with different sport's and the coin has been holding it's value pretty nicely at 0.05-0.07. It's very cheap compared to it's potential value and under the radar, imo. What do you think?

  5. one another great video! congrats 😉

  6. Hey friend. This is what is up ICOs are to blame for the market to be down. That is it. We won't get volume if we keep spending on crapy coins. What do you think they do every time you give an ICO your BTC or ETH. They sell it. So, you are shorting the market without even knowing it.

  7. Thanks for your great analysis as always!

  8. Another short squeeze is exactly what I've been predicting. I suspect it will be significantly MORE drastic though, not less. I'm finally starting to make YouTube vidoes myself after about of year of doing almost nothing but watching charts and learning TA. I found medium-term bullish harmonic patterns all over the marrket lately, one of them in the BTCUSDLONGS chart. Also, a bearish harmonic pattern on the BTCUSDLONGS chart. Please check out my most recent video if you're interested in hearing more. A lot of results are playing out on my tradingview too. It just so happened Binance listed SiaCoin almost immediately after my latest video where I found a bullish harmonic pattern on SC while making the video live… SAME EXACT thing with coinbase listening ETC after talking about it in the same video. And THEN… ETH IS NOT A SECURITY! and the EOS network is live!(as I predicted would coincide with bitcoin's recovery)

    PERFECT timing!

  9. Good video

  10. Some days i wish i could swear at a chart and say something like “hey you little bastard – why can’t you just do as your told!!” 🙂

  11. Always manipulating price, tired AF

  12. Markets are fractal, so you need to take into account large timeframes. …….The short squeezes correlate sometimes but this works till it doesnt …….

  13. Where can we get that hat?

  14. Ulle Globetrotter

    Again Bro your technical Analysis is highly professional even myself never used the 100 MA instead 10, 20, 50 and 200. I believe to put the toe in a long pos is maybe not a bad idea. Football mmh ok the current champion will extend for another 4 years haha

  15. I enjoy listening to your views on the market. Good Job. Thanks

  16. Thanks for the update on ICON & VEN..

  17. Thanks for keeping it real man. How'd you get shorts to overlap your chart?


    Remarkable vid!
    What Tether and Bitfinex were doing it looks like the banking system have had been doing with precious metals and oil.
    Follow the path of money and I will predict the future.
    Hey I am happy to know you are a fan of motorcycles, football and cryptos , sadly your team is Brazil. Come on Messi!!! hehe

  19. I'm not sure I understand the 2 different prices for the index fund. Is the smaller price a single grouping (basket) of all 4 coins and you have to buy $250k worth of baskets?

  20. Abner Isai Carias Mendoza

    I think between today and tomorrow we are going to hit $6800 rebound and then on the weekend we will get sinking to 5k my humble opinion

  21. It's go up

  22. You are the coolest stat nerd I know. Great video. Thank you.

  23. No.offence but your all caps video title clickbait sucks

  24. Indiano Motorsiklo

    This is sad. Now, I don't know what to do with my 41btc. I could've pull out when it was still high. Ssshh***ttt am in deep shhh

  25. Brazilian shirt! Very nice bro!

  26. Thx for the vid as always the BEST


  28. Thanks for another great update. One thing to say about Mt. Gox then and now. I think we still have a bit of the Mt. Gox issues when massive amounts of coin from those accounts are liquidated this year, and there are measurable ripple effects.

  29. Nice hat.

  30. Greetings from Brazil… Love The shirt

  31. If you did an ico I would buy your coins. You deliver the best crypto related information on YouTube

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