Bitcoin Crash and Price Prediction – Blood in the Streets!

Bitcoin Crash and Price Prediction – Blood in the Streets!

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Bitcoin Crash: Crypto Crash explained – don’t panic. Crypto Market Crash Explained. Hodl your cryptos. Tuesday Nightmare – Bitcoin ethereum litecoin and all the family crashing hard. Bitcoin & crypto january market crash explained 2018. Bitcoin is crashing? Cryptocurrency market crash. Top crypto coins to invest in a crypto market crash – how to get rich. Crypto news 1/16/18 – cryptocurrency “crash”. Are panic sellers creating a market crash? Is now a good time to buy? Bitcoin crash? How long will it go? Bear market?

To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money. I Love Crypto!!!

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  1. I like how you talk

  2. It is quite clear, far past a stretch of imagination, that the 'red river' is caused by the 'White Shoe-boys' of Wall Street, Institutional Financial Investors, billion-dollar whales, etc, as it is apparent that their days of control could be seen. I wonder, however, how long will China and other countries around the world is gonna tolerate their money being pillaged before acting. However, my instincts, tells me no matter the monetary lost my bitcoin is still intact, and so I will wait … wait … wait … till an upward expulsion causes its unimaginable rise.

  3. dude. still there is no blood in the street yet. when bitcoin drops to 3k maybe you can tell its blood on street.

  4. Happy and single

    When Bitcoin crashes the high range graphics cards will go back in the hands of the gamers and the price of graphics cards will dramatically go down in price and there will be too many graphics cards on the market just like what happened to video games during the video game crash in 1984.

  5. Good luck buying more. people are over it and don't care anymore. The real reason why it's dropping is the dying hype.

  6. Wells Fargo and other big banks are rejecting coinbase money coming into ther bank. Bankster scum

  7. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

  8. Please crash , I need my gpu

  9. I subscribed to you because you look like Donald cowboy Cerrone lol and i like your analysis of course.

  10. The Globalists are on the run

    I want them coins to drop like 90% so I might think about coming around them with a 10 foot pole😂😂😂


  12. Im concerned by your see through chest!

  13. Do i have different wallet for different currency? N if yes then, how do i get individual wallet of any currency easily? Plz explain it elaborately

  14. Buy Quantstamp (QSP) guys! Wanchain partnered with them!

  15. Wanna get pointers and tips for making money in cryptos?! UTyxR7Z

  16. That wasn't BTC crash it was only a correction,You all better get BTC now,It's great time cause just look every year it goes up over 1000% and now it's the start of the year so get in before it's too late 🙂

  17. Chinese Lunar New Year apparently – That and Hordes of Weak and Panicing Bed Wetters who aren't fit to lick our Polished HODLing Boots.

  18. Your a fool, you are dreaming of the pie in the sky.

  19. The hardest thing for many to understand is that bitcoin has a future BUT the last three months has been a bubble. Just like real estate can have a bubble. Bubble doesnt mean scam. The last 3months could not continue at that pace. Easy come easy go. This guy has completely misunderstood "the blood on the streets" motto. The bubble is bursting. You don't buy when its spraying. You wait until the market has bled out before you go back in. Its not finished. It will have a dead cat bounce. But ultimately its trending down at the moment.

  20. Lol good lux to u, prepare to sux ur tumb

  21. Actually, it is the South Korean Govt's recent announcement warning possible crackdown on cryptos. its driving panic selling that actually caused the dip.

  22. "I don't know what's causing it"…. rofl….. How does this channel have 66k subs.

  23. lost most my money on pump and dumps, got dumped on then gambled the rest cuz fuckit. 🙁

  24. hahahah that is not the damn reason, why would good news be bad?

  25. Rulladallers Kanakka

    what a noob

  26. It is due to Capital One announcing that they will now deny all Bitcoin purchases.

  27. Chinese New Year

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