Bitcoin Cash (BCH): How to claim with Trezor device (Finally)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): How to claim with Trezor device (Finally)

Been trying to get this process up and running for the last couple of days, finally was able to claim BCH from Trezor to the Coinomi wallet. At this point, I’m looking to hodl BCH until further notice.

**Claim your BCH on Trezor**

**Check out Trezor acrticle on claiming BCH**

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  1. The Coin Alley

    What plans do you have for your BCH? Are you going to Sell it or Hodl?

  2. Hi guys. I currently have bch in . I just bought a Trevor wallet. My question is can I transfer my wallet to Trevor then extract my bch or do I have to do this beforehand through a different means? If so, what is the best way to do that?

  3. such a bad video. i click on the li
    nk here… what link???????? i saw it 20 times .. what link?????????????/

  4. thanks man, God bless

  5. how to I retrieve my BTC if I sent it to a BCC address? rookie mistake

  6. bluestarstarstar 2011

    Hi hi , may I know if I can save my bitcoin cash in Trezor wallet after claiming it??
    Many thanks!

  7. How did you get your BCH address?????????????????????????? SLOW DOWN!

  8. A nice clear video. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  9. Can I move my bitcoin from bitcoin core to a hard wallet to keep them safe. Will I still be able to claim my bitcoin cash.from my bitcoin core wallet later on even though I have moved my bitcoin out of core wallet.

  10. Swapped my Litecoin for BitcoinCash – best thing I did after bitcoin cash got slaughtered.. it's only up from here !!! BCH will go back up and past the last high

  11. To do this, I believe you need to update your trezor to the beta version, but I am not sure where to find this option. Can someone explain how to update to Beta? Also, what are the odds that the trezor will loss all of its keys? I am a little worried to update it to be honest…

  12. well done. thank you

  13. My bitcoin has been in an updated Bitcoin Core Wallet before 1st August. if I transfer it to a Trezor now, will I get Bitcoin Cash or did it need to be in the Trezor before the 1st August.

  14. I claimed some BCH through Trezor and and now the wallet and balance has disappeared is yours still there?

  15. chen chee kong

    I new the trezor , did trezor provide the BCH address as well? becuase i plan to purchase from exchange and transfer it

  16. Robert Gremillion

    Do you need an account on exchange before you start the claim process?

  17. I updated and got to the screen to get the BCH but haven't a glue where to get the BCH address.

  18. khaled almutairi

    nice vid

  19. cant update my trezor…can't get them to replace it..not happy with them.

  20. I plan on hodling BCH as well. Initially my thought was to sell it, but I think keeping it as a hedge against any potential drama surrounding the November 2x upgrade makes me more comfortable.

  21. Where did you get your bch address to send to

  22. Is the wallet coin only? Show how to sell on Kraken ? At least a little or another exchange. Thanks in advance

  23. How long did they delay in confirming the bch thanks good evening

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