Bitcoin BULLISH WEDGE Target: $10,000! | HoweyCoins Review?? [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin BULLISH WEDGE Target: $10,000! | HoweyCoins Review?? [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin has entered a falling wedge which has a 70% chance of breaking to the upside. I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. $10,000 soon? Also, HoweyCoins is NOT the future of travel. Am I now bullish on the Bitcoin price? Well, the Bitcoin technical analysis will tell it all, so watch the video!

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0:28 Paid Promotion??
3:50 Bitcoin Technical Analysis



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    0:28 Sponsored Review???
    3:50 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

  2. He nailed it, the price did exactly what he was expecting.

  3. jajaja your video show how stupid people can be!!!!

  4. Is it possible to determine an "holder level" on bitcoin? A level for which if there are no problems with exchanges or flaws in technology even if Mt Gox or big investors sell, the holders (for trust in technology or for investment policy) in any case would not sell? 5800 USD could be a previous level and now if the price does not go down for weeks with the mass adoption proceeding slowly the level should rise?

    About dogecoin at the end of september there should be the hard fork with which etherdoge will be created. What is your opinion?

  5. raymond nichols

    Great channel Carl. I think your more accurate then Tone vays with your charts!

  6. bitcoin miner4life

    So you mention the RSI multiple times but never even show it once in the video man show us if you going to talk about it PLEASE!

  7. Md Firoz Kabir

    Great video Carl. Thanks a lot.

    Please discuss about ABTC (AML Bitcoin), what do you think? Available in, Exrates and ovis. Newly launched.

  8. lets see btc can break out 8500 before going to 10k or even higher

  9. I can't believe you had to explain that was a joke, people are so naive or don't pay attention to what you say.

  10. Aries Letigre

    did we break that wedge today to confirm bullish movement upward

  11. Laurens Sipahelut

    If only you would combine TA with volume profiling.

  12. Remco Diepenhorst

    Don't feel sorry for it. Those who fell for the joke.. It's just natural selection.

  13. i am very interested in your analysis and have learned a great deal from you please keep it up, absolutely love your channel!!!!

  14. Roman Mihailov

    how to send money to howeycoins ico i really like it

  15. bull flag dude….that's prob. the end of a potential handle from the past rounded bottom…we will see 🙂 – very interesting formations the past months anyway. MTgox sells over the corner almost…since ever

  16. Marios Seraphim

    That ico 1000x good tip 😅

  17. Bearish pattern, lower high lower low, if can't defense 8000, it's will drop to 6000 within weeks ! Short it baby….don't buy now or u will got caught. Btc to the 🌏

  18. Nice carl . I hope change trend this week.

  19. The New Gold Rush

    It's so weird last month we had a bounce upwards around the 18th and 19th. I just subbed BTW

  20. Joseph Anthony Mori Ugaz

    was clear that was a joke


    The simpsons predicted this long time ago. 😎

  22. Great video!

  23. All aBout Money

    Yeah ok lmaooo. All I heard last video “$6.5k, $6.5k…”. And I think chances are more 50/50 than 70/30 😃. Long term drop that started on Feb 6, isn’t over yet. Banks aren’t done bringing BTC down yet

  24. OY!!!!
    I'm pretty smart but I fell for your joke….

    (Ah! It's the duty of the young to mock the elders :p )

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