Bitcoin Bulletin: WTF Is Up With Bitcoin Price Today?

Bitcoin Bulletin: WTF Is Up With Bitcoin Price Today?

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  1. If you remove December from that chart it looks like we are still climbing just more gradually.

  2. Thanks Chris,
    Yet another brilliant video cast. Still troubled by consensus that believes Bitcoin is a store of value which present trends do not seem to support. Sooo, I can't help but ask:
    Does Blockchain > Flat Earth Society with Hashgaph the new Kid on the Block (chain) ?
    Still doing my Due Diligence homework

  3. Its funny how Chris´ Acne is getting worse when Market cap is going down.

  4. When you look at the red and the greens and it's all red, whoops a few greens. SKY! A result of your fascinating interview with SkyGuy. also EOS. Interesting.

  5. Michael Marheine

    first time here … great !!! thanks!

  6. Can't see video

  7. Hear Lambo!

  8. I love your post-Mexico vibe in the dark clothing (keep it up) 👍🏼

  9. buy that fire sale!!!!

  10. Easter sell off 😂

  11. Weiss didn't change any of their crypto ratings in their latest report. That includes Bitcoin.

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