Bitcoin Brief – More Stablecoins, Bitmain IPO and Drivechains

Bitcoin Brief – More Stablecoins, Bitmain IPO and Drivechains

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  1. Lol "wrong for 3 yrs"…As they say, broken clock is at least right 2x day.

  2. Pistachio gelato FTW

  3. Tone saying "i never programmed in C# but i programmed in .NET" Is exactly like saying "I dont live in US but i live in New York"

  4. thanks for covering stonks!

  5. Andy Hoffman is a scammer. Tone is way to easy on him.

  6. STAMPS:
    INTRO and chitchat
    0:42 Jimmy ,from Austin, shills carnivory lifestyle, Lone Ranger style
    1:00 Leah likes Lawrys a lot
    1:56 Pistachio is a color and a food
    2:22 Circle Stable Coin USDC launched
    3:00 Jimmy likes stables, not stable coins
    4:37 Jimmy still doesn't like stable coins
    5:00 Circle stays a round
    6:28 Who's dollar is the real dollar and is it worth a dollar?
    7:50 Bitmain news
    9:30 Tone's staircase is in a downtrend from his perspective
    10:08 lost chip designers
    13:00 Jimmy Song smells some shady stuff
    14:43 The Emperor is cashing out
    15:36 pass the secret sauce
    17:00 Leah owns a banjo
    18:00 BTC sidechains
    19:19 Tone takes a somber tone
    23:10 Core bugs and developer talk
    35:58 The rainbow mountain graph
    38:00 Protein and fire
    40:00 Jimmy out
    41:44 BTC Price and analysis
    46:00 Au, Ag and private companies of interest
    54:05 back to Leah
    54:20 Tone in black and white

    Who's Verify . . . and why shouldn't we trust him?

  7. These guys are nothing but lying and deceiving bunch of crooks, garbage propaganda channel

  8. Is this the real tone vays inboxing me from tonevaystrade@gmail

  9. The problem is you are relying only on the one metric [the 'descending triangle'… your 'bread and butter'] and ignoring other metrics..

  10. Hope4Today9 Now

    "Circle" ~ Stupid is as Stupid does.

  11. We look forward to a CHF stable coin.

  12. Bitcoin jumped up

  13. I want to apologize to both Tone and Tyler for taking so long to get TSLA stock to $275 like I "promised." My next act with Tessie will be to completely eliminate ANY gain you have on your recent buys. Hopefully this apology will cause you pay closer attention to my "warnings." 🙂

  14. Mark to Market Accounting is one of the single worst accounting practices of all accounting practices that has ever existed. It's why literally the entire world stopped using it and most countries made it illegal, until the early 2000s that was part of the kindling of the 2008 financial crisis…

  15. Leah's guard dog is the coolest. lol

  16. Wounded Warr1or

    Jimmy, how do you solve the "Travelling Salesman" problem? Side chains have to be careful of garbage in; garbage out, because it allows more off chain input.

    My first thoughts about stable coins were negative; my read was it was going to be a weaponized gimmick. Then when thinking about business, accounting and taxes it then seems reasonable, but exercise caution in which stable coin you go with, they should has a POS app on your phone and or a Visa that you can convert any crypto into and or converts into fait for buying and selling.

    Bitmain has a bad business model, I will not add their products to my farm, ( more like a garden at this point ), Bitmain had 85% market share; now there is much more competitive products on the market to challenge them.

    That is a good thing as they had to much market share, ( control ), but they have made mistakes and have to IPO to save their business.


  17. Yeah but when Lambo

  18. Yeah I don't get stablecoins either. The easiest money transfer I ever executed was moving some bitcoin from Coinbase to Gemini. And that came right on the heels of experiencing all kinds of shit moving fiat money via bank wire transfer which was definitely convoluted, frustrating, and expensive. The ease of moving bitcoin from exchange to exchange was my first "WOW!" experience with bitcoin.

  19. That dog …

  20. Jimmy dont be silly; the purpose of the stablecoins is to hedge aganist the bear market

  21. If possible would like your take (also Tylers) on the Austrian Goverment Bond Sale via Ethereum in one of the future Bitcoin Briefs

  22. Looks like BTC's "daddy" GBTC is setting up for that buy signal I was looking for. It only needs to move to 7.85 or so. Now at 7.91. I will sit on an open limit at 7.85 since I will be concentrating on traditional markets for tomorrow's "mini black Fri" event. 🙂

    Same target upside for the sell. 8.90. No stop. Just exit on the restest of 7.85 if GBTC gaps rith through 7.80.

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