Bitcoin, Blockchain, A.I., 5G, Cryptocurrency, Healing Information for Recovery

Bitcoin, Blockchain, A.I., 5G, Cryptocurrency, Healing Information for Recovery


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We Live in times when our body is being transformed.

Transhumanists are working very hard to connect your body and trap your soul within 5G grid.

BITCOIN Is not about money – you have been fooled.

BlockChain and BitCoin is designed to increase the FREQUENCY (SPEED) OF A.I. SYSTEMS


It wants to BREAK IN
EGO is partly A.I.

This information is to whoever wish to regenerate their organic state of consciousness and bring their health to unseen levels to be able to cope with todays events.

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Mind Control as Top Technology in 2025:



The most important and critical information WITH SOLUTIONS will be released in the next video.

This video originally was released on 2017 11/11 @ 11:11 pm GMT on FB.

This is the SPACE / COMMUNITY where we will work on REMOVING A.I. from our bodies:



    thank you when u say dr sebi u had my attention bless u

  2. Good work. Keep connecting the dots

  3. Saugi Užuovėja

    You could mention and stress, that our body is like Avatar – just a vehicle, a device like a car with this quantum computer – car that is created for our consciousness, but it can be taken-over by things that we put into us – foods, info, social connections and interactions.
    I see it as, I (consciousness) would drive my car (body), and some clowns would start sit in it and later try to take over the driving-wheel. At first – one, than another, than so much, like in this "beatle" car, where 20 clowns step out of it and 10 more still inside – so we can imagine HOW the driver (consciousness) feels are free and aware or the life-road, when a car (body) is fool of clowns… That, when You go to your goal, they stopping You, because – they wan't to stop and eat their favoutite food, they want to piss and other things, that is always stopping the car. Not to speak about the mess and a smell in that car, even if it's quite pretty and shiny, from the outside. 🙂 And this – our car – is priceless and mega-fast sports car or a 4×4 jeep, with quantum computer. 🙂

  4. Stephane fyfe

    well done bro, one of the same here. but yeah. its exactly what i am trying to explain myself. i have more a technology that the elite don't like and like you i am all about good choices and non entity interference. lol i got it hard also but gain much development also. i am building the foundation for 3d printing dome houses and 3d assisted agriculture with no A.I… from there we implement many schools of thought zen methode and all sort of chi gong and we make it a tree of life community. long vision short. i welcome you to share videos like this on the page. i am like you a fighter for humanity and like you i have learn knowledge beyond imagination. from cultivation practice and tricked into technology but i solve a big issue with it …i made sure the plasma guy did not own all plasma tech. work hard at it. lol help me help humanity brother great vids i already share it on the page. lol

  5. Papaya rules, great video

  6. Denise Desrosiers

    I could listen to you for hours, I love your accent! You are very knowledgeable and I hope your information reaches so many who take comfort in remaining asleep! I understand that this effects all of us, however are you aware of the people who refer to themselves as targeted individuals? I'm just curious to know if they could be telling the truth of what they're experiencing because perhaps they are being used as the "lab rats" or the first chosen to becoming the "human bots"! This message both scares the shit out of me, but also pisses me off! Thank you, kind sir for sharing your information…I look forward to more videos and have subscribed n liked this video! I love you, stay safe and healthy…

  7. Vincent Rodriguez

    Hello from nyc

  8. Welcome, enjoyed your video, please make more English!

  9. Make more English videos, I will watch!

  10. Hello from the CA desert!

  11. All About Energy

    Excellent content and delivery. This confirms exactly what I was thinking. Also the profit on bitcoin comes from greedy money addicts and so the energy with the money is not good

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  13. Brilliant! Thanks for helping to wake those who slumber. Congratulations on your first video!

  14. You are spot on bro, it's hard to be awake in a world asleep. Congratulations on your first video! Awesome!

  15. Jonathan Myles-Lea

    You are radiant.

  16. Your English is very good. Thank you. Long live Lithuania!!!

  17. Thanks brother twice

  18. wendy tascione

    please explain the gold recipe to increase vibration. ive been taking horsetail… eliminate metals. according to a channeler…the a.i is going to turn us into robots then weaponize us….like storm trooper. the a.i. will control us….lower our vibration and lower comsciousness.

  19. wendy tascione

    thank u…u r in sync with aug tellez and quinn michaels……

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