Bitcoin Basics (Part 3) – “Exchanges”

Bitcoin Basics (Part 3) – “Exchanges”

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  1. belle soriano

    How about LEDU COIN? Do you think it will be ramphant in the next days to come?

  2. Sridhar Guptha

    very good explanation on Bitcoin , great

  3. Debra Defrancesco

    i can not use coibas for couple weeks i have been flagged and i didnt know what i was doig o i messed up not knowing lul

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  5. Hi, guys if your new to exchanges and want to trade more than just LTC/ETH/BTC via a much user friendly interface compared to some, then Binance is the best place to be, its known as the "Gold" of exchanges, feel free to have a look via my referal link below, hope this info helps you out 🙂

  6. Wish I had of watched this when BTC was 857. Its 19,420 now….

  7. Charlie Devlin

    Damnnnn 870$ per bitcoin .. today it's running at 13000$ per bitcoin .. Hella money i've missed out on :'(

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  9. Where are the links?

  10. I dont see these links anywhere below. Hmmm.

  11. Hi Chris, thank you so much for sharing the useful information with us. This is great man, learning to be your own bank and creating your own economy as well. I would like to know if you are on social media so that one can follow you and learn a lot from you

  12. New decentralized Exchange is finally open for register an account :DD
    Made by traders for traders, fully adjustable interface. Easy to use.
    this one will be huge. Take a Look if you like:

  13. Offshore Drifter

    I am in Europe. I was looking forward to buying bitcoins but then it turns out there is a 3% commission charged by both blockchain and bitylicious. So cypto currencies avoid bank charges but it seems you still get screwed in the end.

  14. a llloyd martin

    very informative video thanks

  15. Andre Kajdacsy-Balla

    Its now 2017, any updates, changes?

  16. 1:41 How to Exchange work

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  18. your'e the best man.

  19. Mary Ann Dundon

    When were your videos made. Would have liked to see the info dated for reference, thanks

  20. How much is One Bitcoin   worth in dollars? Is it the price of the ETF? Stock?

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    Bitcoin purchase directly from the credit kakrty

  22. 51MontyPython

    Just curious, why is the web address different from the one given in the link?

  23. 3:42 thats hilarious, i think this video was made about 1month before the MtGox fiasco, yes?

  24. hey Chris! great stuff as always. What exchange would you recommend for your Canadian friends up north?

  25. Great video! Which exchange website do you currently use? Since this video was created 3 years ago, i wanted to know if much has changed.

  26. The art of competition

    how come some of these sites offer amazon gift cards in exchange for bitcoin. but why do these gift cards have a 30 minute limit and you have to use them right away

  27. Santos Serfaty

    Chris I gotta say that you rock man! all your videos are super helpful. thanks

  28. Mt GOX lol

  29. Stefanie Wilhelm

    Wush! Get showered with basics fast, I am total beginner was a lot of info had to stop the video few times, some notes on excel , fab start thks.

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