Bitcoin Basics: How to Buy and Store Bitcoin

Bitcoin Basics: How to Buy and Store Bitcoin

How to buy bitcoin from exchanges, ATMs, and in person. Also, how to store it in wallets: mobile, web, hardware, paper (cold storage), and in your brain! Part of a larger 3.5hr course introducing Bitcoin, Blockchain and Other Decentralized projects.


  1. I wish there was just a simple easy website to do this where we can convert usd to coins, and coins to usd back and . forth as simply as paypal

  2. thanks for the info

  3. Abderrahman Zekhnini

    this video is misleading when saying that holding bitcoin in coinbase (exchange) is more secure than holding it in Exchanges can get hacked and money stolen (wich happend to every well know exchange so far) while for, if you are afraid to loose your pass for exemple you can always write your memonic phrase for back up or acces your private key and save it.

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