BITCOIN 2018 MEGA CRASH – Is Cryptocurrency DEAD? Hint: Not At All

BITCOIN 2018 MEGA CRASH – Is Cryptocurrency DEAD? Hint: Not At All

Bitcoin has just had a massive correction or crash within the cryptocurrency trading market so I cover my thoughts on how to save your money during this alt market crash. I think that Bitcoin is going to up again so you will still have a lot of chances to make money with bitcoin despite what you may think about it if you’re a beginner crypto trader.

I’m gonna be covering my bitcoin crash prediction 2018 and if I think bitcoin will keep rising this year. I am personally very bullish and think that bitcoin will continue to reach new all time highs but there are some very valid concerns about if there is a crypto and bitcoin bubble burst around the corner.


Videos like this MAY teach you how to become a bitcoin millionaire alongside trading the top and fastest growing cryptocurrencies, but you must understand that I am NOT a financial advisor and any investments you make are completely at your own risk. I do touch on some undervalued cryptocurrency coins in 2018 in other videos I have made and to check them out you should definitely visit the cryptocurrency playlist I have made on the channel for things like cryptocurrency explained videos.

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  1. So who's buying the dip? 🚀

  2. Its Dead…..Crypto Currency is Just Big Brother/NWO tricking the People of the world to invest in HDD Storage………Idiots think they are mining money…they are Just Mining their neighbours data For Big Brother.

    Government doens't even need to ask for funding for 1 billion hard drives….the idiots who buy all the HDD's for cryptocurrency are just pawns in a game or knowingly taking part.


  4. Talk News With Me

    I understand millennials are the key demographic driving the Bitcoin bubble.

  5. The end of crytocurrency

  6. Bernard Poindexter

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  7. Every time it rebounds, it reaches a lower high each time – classic end of a bubble.

  8. The whales will be lapping it up right now. Us little gold fish will have to carry on hiding under the rocks hodling.

  9. 18pnQEFoqYRxRfFFJcNs3EUNd25npeViDK your a knowledgable man, thanks for the video

  10. I don't think bitcoin will totally crash, its always when it gets lowest it has the most potential to make massive gains.
    Warren Buffet said 'be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy'
    It will hopefully just be a matter of time once the lunar new year passes and all the fearfulness around the political side goes away that we can expect it to hopefully shoot back up.
    Address: 1FUSsitDmohnQdyR9Gd3XVBetwPn87vcU8

  11. Solange Lopes da Silva

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  12. dont want youre bitcoin

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  16. WARNING! > > > Coinbase & GDAX about to get a visit from "THE FEDS"! Before they close up shop for good and head for the hills you might want to get your money out.

  17. Buying the dip

  18. The crash cost me some, but now allows me to mine/buy more. I see it as a kind of dollar cost averaging. Thanks for the informative video unlike UFD Tech's three plus minutes of crying. 3PhAYuQtZu2Pw1WH7DcSL5UyhJbehpxUPp

  19. All the people who sold cause of emotion don't understand how the markets work. Stocks rise and drop all the time. This was a steep drop but it didn't crash, the markets are still healthy and they are already recovering quite nicely. Give it a week or two at most, we will be back to 15k 1btc.


  20. Cryptos aren't going anywhere,they are here to stay 1B23FYBwb5DhACnMnMb5C9efJ4QrNZQGZy

  21. Artemi Vaarakallio

    Do you think that the lunar new year will affect the price of bitcoin or other cryptos at all?


  22. arunkumar mudaliar

    how much still to fall any guess.. 1Esu12qNiSV15eVm2EupLpPTibnPhaoxxK

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  24. listen to this will make a lot of money. he's 99.9% corrrect

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  26. A Basket+(Ball)²

    The market cap just came back to where it was this christmas… Massive buying oportunity! BTC: 1HVrYdciXFoPM96p59TK1Vaz3YuqCEogow

  27. Don't panic sell! HODL !!!

  28. I agree with you. Bitcoin is not for the faint hearted. Only long term players are gonna stay! Go go bitcoin… Go go go.

  29. Hey!
    I am really glad about the new direction your YT channel is taking. Really liked your tech videos but honestly since I started trading/investing cryptocurrencies I don't really spend as much time watching those types of videos, instead I watch a lot of trading related content. I've been looking into every possible way to learn as much as I can about the crypto markets and people like you are sources of great inspiration and knowledge. I must say that some of your videos really got me to look more into all this crypto stuff that everyone was talking about. So a big thanks!! And thanks a lot for your great content. Wish you green high to the sky! 😉

    PS: Already bought some alts at a discount and some BTC too. Currently I'm researching more opportunities and have some fiat ready to jump in!


  30. I think game just started


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  32. Hi Sami, as you said I also think BTC will rise again and this is the time to buy the dips, this is a great opportunity. Be greedy when others are fearful.
    My BTC address: 18j8ukUkFm5q1jz2wgDxTg8PAnkBuNx8u

  33. Just got my first .00069195 of BTC yesterday traded it for NEO and seen my first 20% increase on Binanc and was so hopeful , then I woke up to -22% 🙁 lol I'm holding though! I know this is the future, thank you for your help @forf lies you videos give noobs like me hope lol
    BTC Wallet address 18bGX9gXeHwjzMEt9egppYgSV7FpoHkJWc

  34. Can you voice a quick opinion on TRX as the people and tech behind it seem incredible, but it is struggling to grow! Great educational videos, very helpful to newbies!

  35. I think after this news passes bitcoin will rise up again but it'll take a while for it to hit 19k again
    GL everyone 😉

  36. Hrithwik Bharadwaj

    How did you get into crypto currencies 🤔

  37. The dIp will certainly reduce the volume of trade essentially doing a reset for the market. However, crypto and blockchain technology have now been introduced to the mainstream public, so when everyone recovers from the shock, I predict a new bull run in the near future similar to the one we saw last fall.
    Thanks for the explanation.

  38. Do you think (I actually do) BTC won't (even after the update) be the biggest crypto at the beginning of 2019? And what do you thing of the (way to many) antcoins? Will they(I mean more than a few) disappear? And how do the makers of altcoins make there money back from it? Or do they 'only' get the starting amount of coins?
    My BTC: 1DPrL6D1YZq7V7AZgzGpz2J4i1YUPRgsR9 (Why are people putting there doge addresses here? He said BTC!)

  39. Marcello Marques Pinho

    The market is still dipping hard,maybe its not yet time to buy cheap because "cheap" still might be expensive right now……
    We must ride the storm and wait for better days and some better deals but it will hurt many and despair many more.
    Bitcoin :1EkHktT1ipjrSwbgXrfXDHMDZuLTThpTqo

  40. Mortgaged my house! Need food!
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  41. great video mate

    my BTC adress is: 1MKXYw2eTsLBvjSFaD7yqmhgfaN7fYMiTL

  42. I think it's amazing how far your channel has come and how much it has changed since before you renamed the channel. Keep up the good work!

    My address is: 1L7eYZjnPXfoBWiEp7JAMh9XNMgFFdmMUs

  43. It will increase soon 🙂
    BTC adress : 1MCt9pJjXinRTcK6ueRW2Ap8dLwmLNfmH1

  44. Nice video! We should understand what we choose to support! I believe many dont even understand what real money is and how it works, they've just been served with it and they trust in it. Every age has its time!

  45. Roberto Strempler

    Hi. Im kind of new to this and bought at around 16k. But I understand a little bit about price behaviours and If you look into elliot waves I really think we are on the third corrective way followed by a new impulsive wave that might take us around 18 to 19k.
    My address: 33cdXgpwC7rvQC3aag3ksEnsAN9JLGD3hV

  46. I think bitcoin is goin down to $8k this this time and then we will see if it goes down further to $5 , it just broke a strong prince support at $12080

  47. Never fear. Never falter. Stay strong HODLERS!

  48. Very good video bro, very clear and well explained!

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