Billionaires on Bitcoin: price will reach over $250,000

Billionaires on Bitcoin: price will reach over $250,000

The Winklevoss twins, bitcoin billionaires, said in an interview that they are convinced Bitcoin is better than gold and has everything it needs to get a price of over $250,000.


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  1. Quinten wanneer komt je nieuwe vid?

  2. no more updates?

  3. Yup to the moooooon!

  4. I wish I had a twin for a business partner.

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  6. So much prediction for nothing , hilarious x)

  7. Guy's a dumb as McAfee. Maybe billionaires would pay $250 to move btc but I doubt if anybody else would.

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  9. If BTC gets to $250K then the Winklevoss twins will easily be the richest people on the planet.

  10. I'm seeing double here. 4 Billionaires !!!

  11. Listen to these guys free advice

  12. Mrs. Lightning Fast

    Yeah one prediction to another.

  13. TRTL coin!!!

  14. Once the price reach to a high level they will permanently quit crytpo and see alternative investment options.

  15. Bad example.. Why horse track as example? Please no MGM next time. Away from gambling please !!

  16. I believe in the technology, but when a bitcoin billionaire says that, it's only because he wants to become a trillionaire..

  17. Please do a review of chainium….

  18. to the moon🚀

  19. Best quote of the day. “Buy a piece of the protocol”. And the big wigs missed the boat and now there scrambling.

  20. Keep it up man!!

  21. If be happy if it just stayed above 8,000 😒

  22. Good to be optimistic, but take whatever he said with a cup of salt. To say bitcoin will replace gold is quite unlikely.

  23. Wooahh! that guy can either move REALLY fast, or theres two of them that look IDENTICAL!?!

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