Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum

In this video, I’ll be discussing what I consider to be the best exchange for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum with Fiat money a.k.a Dollars, Euros and Great British Pounds.


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♦ Recommended place to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum: COINBASE –

Sign up here:

♦ Recommended Wallet: LEDGER NANO S –

Available here:

♦ Recommended Exchange: (TBA)


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  1. can anyone recommend best exchange when buying from malaysia?

  2. Can somebody tell me how to contact coinbase (a real person or at least by email?) I have tried several ways and keep getting directed to already answered questions that don't address my questions. I mainly want to know how to use my vault. It is asking for 2 email addresses and I don't understand how you can have 2. I even had a friend of mine make me a secondary email, which I added in the vault sign up page. But now I can't find it. Are they asking me to make 2 email address from one company, like gmail, or 1 from gmail and one from yahoo? And how long should it take to set up a vault? Does it take days, hours or minutes?

  3. What is the cheapest exchange for someone in the UK then?


  5. You videos are great, thanks for taking the time. I am new to coinbase and am very frustrated at the time it takes money that comes from my bank to be deposited. It fact it has been several days and $3000 in upside that I have missed. Is this normal? Also, $7500 per week is nothing, how can the amount be increased? Thanks again.

  6. I cannot sell my Bitcoin or Ethereum back into UK Pound Stirling!! I don't know how you are doing it?

  7. i want to exchange 5000$ bitcoin with perfect money if anyone interested please inbox me

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  9. All digital currency that Coinbase holds online is fully insured. This means that if Coinbase were to suffer a breach of its online storage, the insurance policy would pay out to cover any customer funds lost as a result. The insurance policy covers any losses resulting from a breach of Coinbase’s physical security, cyber security, or by employee theft.

    Coinbase holds less than 2% of customer funds online. The rest is held in offline storage.

    Above is from the website……….. So simply put 98% of your bitcoin could be held offline, which is not insured!!!!

    ONLY Online Funds are Insured!

    Small print's a bitch, huh……

  10. Online funds are insured, '98% of funds are stored offline'……… which is NOT insured.

  11. I'm researching before buying right now and I've heard a lot of bad things about coinbase and their fees.

  12. Want to start investing in cryptocurrency? Get a free $10 when you invest $100 –

  13. No #Coinbase support in India. 🙁

  14. Cynthia Alexander

    Earning money hasn’t been this easy before the arrival of this app (Link Here >>>  ). You would have to sit in front of a computer screen, making all those tough decision by yourself and in the end; you can’t say for sure that you’ll earn money out of that trade. If you haven’t experienced it yet then start doing it because the registration is free and it’ll not be staying that way because it is getting increasingly popular.

  15. British guys use too many words. Why do you guys need 100 words to say what Americans can say in 20 words?

  16. Garundi P. McGrundy

    Is that a bideo for exchange?

  17. Use GDAX – they belong to the same company, but MUCH cheaper!!you can actually use your coinbase account details to logon.

  18. i tried to sell my coin on this site——->Bitcoin crypto exchan. its not true they took my coins but they didnt pay me back

  19. Coinbase insurance only if Coinbase gets hacked, if your individiual account gets compromised you do not get the money back.

  20. Hey really love your vids! What the next best exchange for international people. Coinbase isn’t available in my country I’ve been using Blockchain haven’t had any issues but in new to bitcoin I don’t know which exchange or wallet is the best in there ranking

  21. Needed to downvote cause of your Donation beggings in the despription. Video is good.

  22. For some reason the sound on this video is awful. Unfortunately I can't offer any advice to help you with this.

  23. please send your Skype id

  24. If anyone is interested in buying the champcoin call me or text me on 8160016875.It is a simple & easy way to trade and earn money

  25. I cannot get Coinbase to complete my identity process even though I've sent them multiple copies of my perfectly valid driver's license issued by a US. State. Go figure.

  26. this is the only secure way to change your currency into an other currency

  27. so these sharpies never tell you how much fees are on these coinbase is notorious for credit card fees since overseas transaction.

  28. I bought my first bits of bitcoin using GBP on coinbase, they were very easy to use, and I did not experience any problems. That being said, maybe I was lucky, since I only had one purchase there. It may be different for someone purchasing in USD for some reason.

    I also purchased Bitcoin on cryptosaurus (UK exchange) – their fees were a lot lower, but the whole process was quite tedious. When I purchased Etherium from them, and they were very slow to transfer due to high demand. If you want to purchase Bitcoin in British Pounds, there aren't that many exchanges to choose from, and I would most likely use and recommend coinbase again, since cryptosaurus started to charge more for their coins.

  29. Why can't I buy zcash on coinbase? I only see bitcoin, ether, and lite…

  30.  is the best exchange platform to use everyone.

  31. Anthony Bordignon

    how do you feel about having to upload a passport onto coinbase

  32. I just joined coinbase and purchased my first ether!!!!

  33. I'm only 6 years old and I started mining litecoin 2 days ago and i've already made 2600?

  34. hi Louis, where should I buy my ripple coins?

  35. hi there, for newbies like myself using kraken from uk, would you recommend buying with market order or limit order?.thanks

  36. coinbase does have an office in London but they don't get back you awful !!!!!

  37. New decentralized Exchange is finally open for register an account :DD
    Made by traders for traders, fully adjustable interface. Easy to use.
    this one will be huge. Take a Look if you like:

  38. Buddy, how long have you experienced it takes to bank transfer from a UK card?

  39. best bitcoin exchange here

  40. OK so where is the link?

  41. Any knowledge about quadrigacx? Seems like its another one highly recommended (especially for canadians).

  42. Are you still using Coinbase?

  43. P. Villanveva Darrell

    Buy and Sell Bitcoin Instantly ,More Secure .
    Get $10 bitcoin from this link :

  44. Millennial Investor

    Coinbase is shite, your options are blockchain for exchange and a trezor for storage because it has a web interface.

    I tried withdrawing money from coinbase the other day it was a bloody nightmare, ended up losing £30 just trying to get it out. I sent it to blockchain, withdrew it in seconds and it show in my bank 3 days later.

    Ngl a coinbase suggestion is poor form on your part pal, I knew you were amateur but this is just slacking.

  45. coinbase will close your account at not notice. they just don't know

  46. Shit video. Why are you making videos on this? Clown.

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