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  1. What is the BEST SALE ITEM that you’re loving in the dip?

    Smash the 👍 & Comment below!

  2. Kevin Japanangka

    I got a question from our group of comedians, and friends, and the lady at the corner shop.
    This Bitcoin 'currency' is not a physical coin currency right? It is stored in a 'public' ledger on the Cloud? Which cloud?
    If you're talking about that CIA/NSA/Mossad/MI5/6/7 listening and data storage satellite in the sky, dammit, you can stick that for a joke!!! What if you don't trust computers, digital phones, nor 'digital' anything?
    What if it is a sunny day every day, like Cairns, all day, every day. Where's the Cloud?
    If this 'Cloud', is in the heavens, we can't fly yet, and I want to be able to see my bank thank you
    Why would anyone wish to invest in a fairy-tale 'currency', with nothing to back it up, nowhere to shop, and truly only nerds to trade with?

  3. Nope they aren't. Keep
    saying that and keep seeing lower lows. 👍🏼

  4. I don't trade crypto , I just come here for the songs

  5. Милослава Коновалова

    thanks, you just wonderfully state information)

  6. gentilvirus ecotitude

    pls review LOKI!


  8. thumbs up!

  9. Tom crypto man

    watching chat on video, Damn suppo your followers r the most negative bunch of people.

  10. yep…. Japanese taxes are based on Alt to Alt trades… and the tax office gave the ruling in December of last year. if Japan was 50% of btc volume… then Japanese are licking their wounds this month

  11. Check out the ad at the Twitter part: Cube $auto

  12. Colby Strickland

    Does anyone know what happened to Crytpo Crow?

  13. Nathan Clarkson

    I think what people are moaning about taxes is the fact that you owe tax on closed trades for example if you gained 22k as a result in closing trades and then reinvest that money and now have drawdown of 22k. You've actually broke even, however the taxman will want his tax on your 22k of closed trades. Therefor what you are seeing are people are closing in the red to offset their losses against their gains to reduce their tax liability. In the UK if you have a full time job and pay PAYE then any gains from shares/crypto is capital gain and you will have a CGT allowance of £11300.

  14. Do some research about Palm Beach Research group and Teeka Tiwari. According to Tiwari there will be a massive investment of some rich and influential people in mid of may. People that are not jet in crypto but very influential in the stock market and want to get into crypto. So I guess this will be the point the market cap will like 10x and we will finally make profits again. But hey, just speculation, I'm not a financial advisor, dyor.. bla bla bla.. 😉

  15. Оксана Блинова

    Warm Tеlegram channe1 @airdrop_yes whеrе AIRDRОРS are publishеd еvеry dаy; AIRDRОР – аt nо-cоst distributiоn оf tокens tо еveryone from diffеrent ICО Giving 0nly 2-3 minuТes рer dаy оn rеgistrаtion in different AIRDROP it is рossiblе to reсеivе 100 – 400 d0llars рer day!

  16. What do you think of BBN Banyan network? I stock up on it big time

  17. Can the neon wallet hold ELA?

  18. The right trader

    Good buys Power Ledger

  19. Fluz fluz is already partnering with thousands of us companies as we speak for there roll out in June. A few that have been officially confirmed is Buffalo Wild Wings, apple and iTunes Store, and 1800 flowers this is just a taste of what is to be announced in the next few months leading up to the big launch in June. Biggest under the radar project around!!!!! This will be the only crypto used country wide in the next few months you will feel ridiculous in a few months when the platform rolls out and you no longer have the ability to get it… the dead line on this opportunity is June… 2 months away

  20. Suyetno Suyetno

    suppo what about bbn coin that you named a few days ago. great project the ceo of union pay china that his asset bugger than visa in US

  21. Ashwin Radhakrishnan

    Hey Suppo, Please do an episode on Achain, its highly undervalued and not many people talk about it.

  22. Binary Sunset Chaser

    When Lada??

  23. Hello Dear Suppoman!
    This next week is going to be volatile, because of the G20 Group. They´re gonna decide regulations to the Cryptos. They always say silly things, like money laundry, taxes, etc….things that have been done largely by fiat money. I hope that We, as a Crypto Community, know how to be very united, and mainly, that We know how to make the difference, as always, with technology and innovation.
    It´s always great to see you Friend!!!
    Saludos Amigo!!!

  24. Any feedback on UTrust? Have not heard on this one in a while. Do you still believe in this project?

  25. Patricia curtis

    You can only get Taxed if you cash out to Fiat which would be silly!

  26. only you could get away with an intro like that lol another great vid 🙂 #smashingupthelikes

  27. Let's start buying, enough of this madness

  28. Lmao at your intro.
    No shame

  29. Always love the starts of your vids
    How long do you take choosing the songs & changing the words?

  30. Investfeed!!!!

  31. AnEclecticSoul

    No not yet, we will see BTC at $5,400

  32. Suppoman knows his stuff. Since listening to him I've been making better buys and making money in this crash. Cant wait for the bulls. Thanks man! B-)

  33. Robinhood app which specialises in FREE commissions for stock trading has 4 million persons currently registered wanting to trade crypto in North America. Many of these are wanting to buy HempCoin (THC) using fiat linked to their bank account. Expect Robinhood to trade THC as soon as THC fork takes place. My opinion is THC fork should take place in late April before the blockchain Census meeting on 14 May. In this Census meeting, Goldman Sachs will announce Circle's crypto platform is fully SEC licensed for crypto hedge funds. This info had been leaked. This will begin the bull run for institution money in cryptos. THC will be the biggest winner from this bull leg when HempPay is successfully launched. Expect $1 valuation for THC when the fork transforms it into a Dash coin. Expect $10 when HempPay is launched in May. Expect $25 when it is traded on Line app in Japan with 200 million members. Line app has applied for crypto exchange license in Japan for its 200 million members. This can occur as early as May with the confluence of hedge funds bull run.

  34. I like Nano as a best sale item. One would hope someone in the crypto world will develop a decentralised search engine to replace google. Its the single most important part of the web that needs to change.

  35. nailed it

    wen GRS FOMO!?!????? thursday DEV RELEASE!!!!

  36. Centralized?

  37. Time to buy BlackBytes

  38. Twelve cent Cardano at one point this day. Amazing

  39. Oh gosh. The singing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Let the uptrend begin

  41. Well, and what if this is not a dip but continuous downfall without coming back up?

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