Altcoin News – Cryptocurrency Wild West, Reddcoin, Verge XVG, Bitcoin in Asia

Altcoin News – Cryptocurrency Wild West, Reddcoin, Verge XVG, Bitcoin in Asia

In todays cryptocurrency news from around the markets, we take a look at the volitile market, the oppertunities that exist, along with big money being on the sidelines for the holidays.


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  2. Steven Weber

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  3. Сергей Бурко

    hi. who do not mind to donate please throw off me who can!?


  4. Maxi86inAction

    The government is like:
    If you make alot of money you owe me 20%
    If you lose alot of money we owe you nothing

  5. Crypto Conversations

    Nice video

  6. You can’t catch every fish in the pond 🙂

  7. Aana Holland

    iTS CRAZY how people come back at you with things your've said, to the point where you have to keep defending yourself lf when things maybe go south for someone. when if they have lost I'd predict the majority of those people sold because they freaked out and sold!
    Personally you rock. To me your a calming voice I love and go to every morning,you are on the pulse and a great guide and daily go to. I have learned, for you, how to read the market, numbers, how important it is to read the whitepaper. For me I like to back the big ones like cardano, lumens, POWER LEDGER, and OMG for the long haul.The rest is cause I think its about to move. So just want to say thank you. I have been into crypto for 3 months and everyday I learn more. In 3 years I know you will still be my No 1 so don't go anywhere! You are fantastic! I dont have a lot of spare $ but week by week I have built up. you have been pivitol in my position now. One thing is fact though i thank you I do have to claim my own fame here.
    Keep up the awesomeness jeff!

    LTC: LXQeZkXvhSSrSjuWzZNXYemYEUwqhyYv46

  8. The money grab in this game is dead

  9. good video talking about the emotion of trading and investing. That is some true shit. Everyone is happy making money but stress when its heading south. My only suggestion is that you don't have to do everything all at once. I personally love to be able to be able to sell 10 to 20% and have my initial investment paid for and then I have no worries of losing by holding long term for little to no money. I am excited for Cardano and Verge. I went ahead and bought back all my Verge coins and then some under 20 cents. I rarely buy into a position all at once as well.

  10. Spankdaddy Meatsauce


  11. BitCoins Popin

    Nice video . thank you. i only think #xvg is a shit coin in my humble opinion

  12. FOMO is so thick you could cut it with a knife. So many gains to be made if your coins are down just take a walk and know it will go up probably within a week or 2.

  13. Anyone heard of BRD? Just out on exchange

  14. Archangel0376

    Just bought 100K reddcoin and 100K digital note. Im ready for the hodl rush bud! Lets play! 👍🇺🇸

  15. Crypto Chick!

    Hi! Can you give your opinion on DGPT? I liking it as a HODL. Its an inheritance project which I think def has a place in crypto. Would love ur opinion!

  16. Aakash Jariwala

    What do you suggest to buy at present time for the max long term return TRON, VERGE, RIPPLE? Cause i am one of the very few who hasn't invested on any of them. So please suggest me something before its too late

  17. Tube-Bit ManChild

    That’s what folks said about ripple

  18. jeff you are awesome man… thanks for you all wonderfull videos .. you are like ANGEL to me .. i have earned 20k USD from verge after watching your video.. Thanks a lot man

  19. A lot of people taking profits after great move in xvg hence price is down specially that number of coins is high. Soon rally to the upside will continue

  20. and thank you so much for your videos. its really entertaining to hear you give your thoughts about all of these different coins.

  21. just signed up to bleutrade to buy redd… anyone use it? its an easy layout similar to binance…

  22. Happy Christmas Jeff. Thanks for all the vids.

  23. Hey Altcoin buzz, can you make a video: HOW and WHEN to fork profit into new altcoins? Im starting to get some good fundamental Strategies, but im really in doubt when to take profit and fork it into something else?

  24. Jeff what do you think of Lend? Loans through the block chain. Only thing I see is you have to use Eth to purchase only. Can you do a video? It’s at .06 very interested in first loans on block chain. Thanks Chris

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