A simple explanation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

A simple explanation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

What up my dudes. enjoy.


  1. I undoubtedly enjoy these videos. Can't wait for the next one. I suggest maybe expanding your topics on really anything, Im finding these videos to be beneficial as someone who isn't very educated in anything in particular. Your a great speaker who doesn't lose my attention and defines unfamiliar terms which is all the more convenient for me and I appreciate that.

  2. That look at KKK

  3. my algos prof explicitly said bitcoin isn't on the exam, yet I'm here watching these hilarious (and informing lol) videos one after another. rip. this channel is great though

  4. Charlotte Peters

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  5. Manoj Mohandas

    @Keifer Kif – Who decides the number of transactions in a block? How is that calculated?

  6. Mattia Palombi

    Please more videos

  7. Shahad Alshalan

    I like your way to explain this complex idea in an understandable way. Do you have an account in Stackoverflow? I think you'll have a good reputation there

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