$7,000 Bitcoin Price Premium, European Central Bank On Bitcoin And China ICO Ban Ending? – 087

$7,000 Bitcoin Price Premium, European Central Bank On Bitcoin And China ICO Ban Ending? – 087

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  1. Europe is and will be pro tehnology, it is in the main doctrine of the Union European countries to be decentralized system with closed borders for the countries which is not inside. But leaded by 2 authorities, national one and bruxells another one.

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  3. sure, they put all their private money in bitcoin

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The modern investor!!

  5. Kevin Campbell, DD, Cht

    Bitcoin will save the World and eliminate the corrupt central banks.

  6. Bisilius yamastakoRadn


  7. Stevenson Donald

    I need some to buy my btc I'm done investing I have 6btc to sell at a cheaper rate

  8. I love your videos… sir

  9. destiny's remorse

    with cryptos i can do business transactions in seconds but with traditional currency it will take days.This is pure logic on behalf of the investor

  10. YouTubeDebateChampion2017

    "A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

    Max Planck

    That quote could apply today to those "opponents" who are not familiar with cryptocurrency.

    On the plus side it means it's great to invest now or 1 year ago.

  11. Bitcoin was supposed to be the answer to the world’s financial problems. Most people who follow world financials will know that there are major problems with the way Money has been controlled by Central Banks and the Federal Reserve Bank in the United states especially.

    How many dumb people are there in this world? When are people going to get it. They are all fortune seekers. They are buying Crypto currencies with their Dollars and Euros and whatever other government currencies, in the hope that the value would grow, just to sell it back for their Dollars and Euros again. That makes it a purely speculative vehicle. I would go as far as to calling it gambling. Some other Bears like me called it a pyramid scheme or a fraud.

    How many people are actually buying any crypto currency to use it for what it was really intended for? To buy goods and services as you would normally do with your Dollars and Euro’s. Is that not what is supposed to give these new world crypto currencies real value in the first place and give them the power to sink zero value Fiat currencies?

    I still love the Idea of having a decentralized monetary system, but at the moment there are 1130 crypto currencies according to Coinmarketcap.com and growing in numbers every day. In my mind this just devalues all of them as abundance devalues. (Economics 101 – Law of Supply and Demand)

    I know, now you’re thinking oh but there will only ever be 21 Million bitcoins. I believe the principle behind bitcoin is good, but the process of mining these bitcoins and other mined crypto’s is such a waste of resources. Do people understand we are burning fossil fuels to generate electricity to run these mining rigs to produce artificial value. Come on, there has to be a better way. And these other crypto’s that have no limit being created out of this air, that is exactly the same as any other fiat currency, except I can take my dollar down the road to the shop and buy a bread at least with it.

    I can see the Blockchain Technology adding value to the real world in the future. But not until the day that all merchants and service providers except one widely adopted crypto as legal tender and people get paid their wages in that same legal tender.

    All I am saying is be extremely cautious when putting your hard earned money into potentially the biggest scam of all time.

  12. Miguel Angel Navarro Alvarez

    Is it impossible for people in Zimbabwe to access exchanges outside their country? why can't they just buy somewhere else or how does that work?

  13. its decentralized that's why they can't control it

  14. 1 BTC = $7k …. is that Zim Dollars? Or US?

  15. If unban, it will be a huge pump. Why? FOMO. GREED.

  16. I've lived in China for ten years and this sounds like something the government would do. I don't think you have to take a half a grain of salt.

  17. Big thumbs down. Mario Draghi is a chairman of ECB, which is not World Bank (yes, there is the World bank), but chairman of European Central Bank. As a legalist, he claimed ECB does not have authority to regulate cryptocurrencies, which is not his private opinion, nor endorsement of cryptocurrencies, but only a factual statement. This is a BIG thumb down to all promoters of cryptocurrencies (this video, I mean), as it shows lack of basic knowledge regarding monetary systems. Anyone who would choose to be promoter or influencer regarding financial assets should have some (yet basic) knowledge about a matter, or at least google some facts

  18. You tell us that big things are coming in oct./nov. Would you like to comment and give us your thoughts ons the upcoming btc fork and how it will (not) affect the market? We've all seen the affect of july, do you think nov. Could be a recurrence of that red red red bearish july month?

  19. Look at that smirk… M.D. started a coinbase acct :))

  20. You sound a little like the node investor

  21. Add a logo or make some common design for the thumbnail. I almost missed ur video today

  22. The clickfunnels commercial I saw before this was hilarious. And I always skip the ads. Rare

  23. Thats exactly whats going on in China…. thats why im BTFD…

  24. Yves Raphael Burri

    You know why? Because the ECB is a private Organisation… They cannot make laws

  25. Does anyone have any idea how I could get Poloniex to un-block my account. I recently got locked out of it and have been trying their support system which is very bad, I even called their number in DE but no luck. Any ideas?

  26. Don´t trust this Illuminati scum.

  27. Bitcoin is completely underrated at this point and opinions from Draghi, Jamie Dimon and the likes are completely overrated. Soon bankers, governments etc will be totally irrelevant as is clear from countries who have been had by these powers and are prepared to pay virtually any price for bitcoin just to get out of their local currency…..waytogo!

  28. dont think the 7000 usd btc was in venezuela, It more expencive to get dollars there than bitcoins!

  29. where is my english subtitle ???

  30. Whenever the US dollar experiences inflation there will be a $100,000 bitcoin soon enough.

  31. Xenofilius Lunekjær

    There should be Modern Investor drinking game for every any way shape or form.

    Good news overview as always!!

  32. That China news sounds typical , spread fear before the election so you have people running out to support the new gov. Pre-election fear suppresses markets then once the fear is lifted the New guys look like great.

  33. Draghi is a liar. Believe the opposite

  34. I m waiting for the 100 000 $ bitcoin until 2021.

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