$5,000 Bitcoin? $100 Billion Cryptocurrency Market Cap? Altcoins Selling to BTC?

$5,000 Bitcoin? $100 Billion Cryptocurrency Market Cap? Altcoins Selling to BTC?

Will the Bitcoin price reach $5,000 or $10,000 before it drops and bring the cryptocurrency market capitalization to over $100 billion? Are altcoins starting to sell off into BTC? Would you watch this video to hear my opinions based on the data I see? The Bitcoin price reached a record high of over $2,700 today May 25, 2017! Meanwhile, most of the alternative cryptocurrencies dropped anywhere from 5% to 15% in the last 24 hours which I think is signaling the ceiling for the altcoin bubble. SELL is my recommendation for nearly all the altcoins at this point with holding Bitcoin providing risk of a drop and a potential reward of doubling or tripling itself in value as the altcoins sell. That said, I was totally wrong about selling Bitcoin before at $1700 and about selling my Dash masternode at $87 when the price was $150 yesterday. My own advice allowed me to miss out on earning another $50,000+ in profit WHICH I AM OKAY WITH because there is always more money to be made. Trading crypto can be an addiction because of the constant need to get gratification from making more money and the huge hangover when the high wears off into fear resulting in desperate selling measures!

Learning when to sell and accepting missing out on potential gains in exchange for peace of mind has been a big challenge for me. I am grateful for the $75,000 I did make from buying Dash at $10 to $11 originally. Selling my Dash allowed me to discover another cryptocurrency which appears to not have been fully carried away by the bubble. I am ALL IN on the crypt I share in my video class at http://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/allincrypto. The cryptocurrenty I share that I am buying in the course is still an amazing buy and I will give you a little more time to buy it while it is low before I start promoting it relentlessly which I think will help to bring the price up 10x within the next 10 months. For cashing out, I think now is the perfect time to put Bitcoin into the altcoin I have invested in before the speculators pump it up! If the price keeps dropping on the alt coin I am excited about, I am going to keep buying and buying anyway because I believe in the community!

How crazy has this cryptocurrency bubble been? 2GIVE, 8bit, AMP, Aeon, Antshares, Apx, Aragon, Ardor, Ark, ArtByte, Augur, AuroraCoin, BURSTCoin, Bata, BitBay, BitBean, BitCrystals, BitSend, BitShares, BitcoinDark, Bitswift, BlackCoin, Blitzcash, BlockNet, Boolberry, Breakout, Breakout Stake, Byteball, Bytecent, CLAMs, CannabisCoin, CapriCoin, Chronobank Time, Circuits of Value, CloakCoin, ClubCoin, Counterparty, Crown, CureCoin, DT Token, Darcrus, Dash, Databits, Decred, Diamond, Digibyte, DigitalNote, DigixDAO, Dogecoin, DopeCoin, Dynamic, Edgeless, Einsteinium, ElectronicGulden, EmerCoin, EnergyCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EuropeCoin, EverGreenCoin, ExclusiveCoin, Expanse, Factom, FairCoin, Feathercoin, Florin, FoldingCoin, GBG, Gambit, GameCredits, GeoCoin, GlobalCurrencyReserve, Gnosis, GoldCoin, Golem, Golos, GridCoin, Groestlcoin, Gulden, Guppy, HackerGold, HempCoin, Humaniq, I/OCoin, IDNI Agoras, Incent, InfluxCoin, Internet Of People, Ion, Jewel, Komodo, KoreCoin, LBRY Credits, Legends, Lisk, Litecoin, Lomocoin, Lumen, Lunyr, Magi, MaidSafe, Melon, Memetic, MonaCoin, Monero, MonetaryUnit, Musicoin, MyriadCoin, NAVCoin, NXT, NautilusCoin, NeosCoin, NewEconomyMovement, Nexium, Nexus, Nubits, OMNI, OkCash, ParkByte, Peercoin, PesetaCoin, PinkCoin, Pivx, PotCoin, Project Decorum, Quatloo, Qwark, Radium, ReddCoin, Ripple, Rise, RubyCoin, STEEM, SafeExchangeCoin, SaluS, Sequence, ShadowCash, Shift, Siberian Chervonets, SingularDTV, SolarCoin, Sphere, SpreadCoin, StartCoin, StealthCoin, SteemDollars, StorjCoinX, Stratis, Swarm City Token, Syndicate, Synergy, SysCoin, TRIG Token, TokenCard, Tokes, TransferCoin, TrustPlus, Trustcoin, Ubiq, UnbreakableCoin, Unobtanium, Vcash, Verge, VeriCoin, Verium, Vertcoin, ViaCoin, Voxels, Waves, WhiteCoin, Wild Beast Block, Wings DAO, Xaurum, ZCoin, Zcash, Zclassic, eBoost, iEx.ec, and vTorrent almost all have seen massive price rises recently with most so far out of their previous market capitalization a correction to the average and true value seems nearly certain. While some might maintain two to five times as much value as they had before, almost none are likely to stay at 10 to 100 times the value where they were previously and are often close to today. ETC is a great example blasting up to almost a 2 billion dollar market cap yesterday when it has been around 100 million at most for the last year.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you found it helpful! Would you please leave a like on this video if you would like me to make more videos like it?



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  2. um, my bitcoin went from 27million to 1biliion+

  3. lol at this guy what a load of garbage

  4. your neck is popping out of your body

  5. I think Bitcoin will reach $50K but at that time $50K will be like $5K.

  6. Breaking Elegance

    Just buy NEO, and. Litecoin maybe some pivx but hose seem good

  7. Jerry please please dont quit your day job..

  8. Pepecoin is the future.

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  10. I am sorry Jerry but you really have lost A LOT of credibility recently…
    – You keep on changing your mind, contradicting yourself within 2 videos you publish just in a few days time…
    – You don't follow your own advices
    – you promote your courses wayyyyy too much.. Your videos basically become 15-20 minutes long adds for your courses
    – you are being such a prick with this whole secret/teasing about you investing your money in ONE altcoin that is going to explode. This is against all the crypto world values… You are now doing like the governments are doing, holding information from people, where the crypto values is all about freedom and sharing… (I really hope for you you are not talking about STEEM, if it is, then your current behavior would be unforgivable and I would just stop following you and a lot of people would do the same…)

    you are just becoming ridiculous, please stop that and come back to reason. You a good guy, you make great videos, please just stop your current masquerade 🙂
    Just a friendly advice from me, I'll carry one following you and watch your vids 🙂

    PS : look at the number of down thumbs on your videos recently. This tells something Jerry, you are going in the wrong direction recently, please turn back to what you were before)

  11. 8 to 6-7 btc its a huge ''plunge'' for you?? Oh man…thats nothing, really. Dont margin trade, and you are safe. Id like to mention the USDT peak, was very interesting.Tether spiked to 1.15 USD..what a deal!

  12. youre a fucking CREEP. shut the fuck up

  13. It's a really hard decision whether to sign up with the Jerry university or the Trump university mmmmmm decisions decisions decisions…

  14. So altcoin speculator personalities have banded together like a inside job, they all will together promote the currency they invest in and later just pump n dump. Scum.

  15. what a scum… never ever watch a vid again.

  16. Jerry, what is your tip, your buying heaps of ALt coins, then when your ready you will tell all your followers to buy, why not share your tip to us your followers when your loaded with all your shares

  17. dude just turn off your computer. just pretend like you lost it all because that's where you're headed

  18. shame that this has become a pump n dump channel. but hey, at least when you watch these videos you can just do the opposite of what he does (or recommends) and make smarter moves

  19. Didn't you say in a previous video that gambling on the cryptomarket just made you stressed and gave you losses and your new strategy was every month put some more money in and just hold? You really have a serious gambling disease.

  20. he's talking about Digibyte for sure. 10th of june it will go to the moon when everyone can mine it when playing minecraft! Pewdepie is playing this game as well and he has a lot of followers. Stop buying worthless coins!

  21. Hey douchebag, are you on crack or something? Snake oil salesman. Oh the cringe!

  22. You sold your DASH masternode?

  23. Bitcoin and Ether are crashing. Stop reading this and sell everything you have. The bear have come out to play.

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