5 Good News Stories To Cheer You Up 😄 During The Bitcoin Price Drop 📉

5 Good News Stories To Cheer You Up 😄 During The Bitcoin Price Drop 📉

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On today’s show:
I would like to share with you 5 good news stories about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to help balance out all the negativity everyone seems to be focused on. So let’s focus on what we want, rather than on what we don’t want.

If you do decide to go shopping for cryptos any time soon may I recommend Binance, my favourite exchange right now.

1:03 **Story – Past sell-off were follow by 150% rallies within 84 days**

So there is fellow called Tom Lee who was JP Morgan’s top strategies for equities before he co-founded Fundstrat Global Advisors back in 2014.

He is one of the few guys on Wall Street to be open and willing to make crypto price predictions.

2:42 **Story – Bitcoin ATM Installations Now Outpacing Regular Bank ATMs**

Key infrastructure to allow money to flow back in.

The main downside to Crypto ATMs are the fees which can be as high as 10%.

4:17 **Story – CryptoKitties Coming To Mobile**

The article is written with a strange tone, however they make one good point here.

Also if you are into CryptoKitties:

Kitty #500,000 is about to be born.

6:04 **Story – Australia’s Major Banks Confirm They WILL NOT Be Banning Bitcoin**

6:59 **Story – Hearings By The US Senate Today On Virtual Currencies**

This is due to be livestreamed so if you’re interested you can tune in to that.

One person on Reddit…

Posted links to 2 documents that are pre-written testimonies that have been prepared for this hearing.

The fact that the files are hosted on banking.senate.gov lead me to believe that these are authentic and give us a sneak peak into what they are going to say.

As you can imagine they are quite length so I haven’t read them myself yet but this Redditor summarises them by saying the SEC intends to keep an eye on scammy ICOs but other than that no crazy regulation.

I personally want to see if anything else comes out in the official hearing so we’ll see what happens later today.


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  2. BTW, Inisfad and Bod Griffith, I – Pncicitap – am a he, not a she. PC has a way of making us cautious. Thanks for your input.


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  4. Thanks for this informative and positive vid!! Please have an analysis on the upcoming monero fork and say something about the MoneroV in your next video. Is it good to invest and what wallet is there in the market?


    China needs to use Substratum as soon as its ready, that would solve most of the problems… Right?

  6. Matthew Worner

    ANZ Australia is run differently from ANZ NZ

  7. I know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies and little or nothing about the blockchain, so you can see why I can't understand why crytocurrency exchanges, which seem to me go against the very notion of "disintermediation", exist at all. Can you help me understand?

  8. OnlineRecluse

    Excellent job providing some positive thoughts as crypto grinds lower! Thanks Chris!

  9. It is polite to let us know that your binance link is a referral link… may get more people clicking on it to support you too 🙂 Thanks for the positive news though!

  10. Positive Stuff

  11. Rat Exclusion Service

    Sebastopol CA. Has a BTM. Thanks chris

  12. William Wellisch

    Thanks for the good news Chris.

  13. liberty justice

    The funny thing is that good news about btc kept from from selling at 20k then 18k then 16k then 12k etc. Had I gone with my gut off the bat I would of sold at 19k and be way better off than I am now. Good news sometimes creates false illusions. I learned that.

  14. HODL that Litecoin.. It is pushing up that red sea.. Phalanx formation is working 😀

  15. Emilia Woodhouse

    🎤 Brilliant episode. Just what we all need … a bit of positivity. It's easy to focus on the negatives as they are plastered all over the news and very little good news is ever shown. I am very grateful for this episode. Thank you Chris 🎤

  16. That's more like it! positive news. Bravo.

  17. Richard Thomas

    Thank you thank you thank you Chris…… Needed so good news this helped a lot

  18. Andrew Hopkins

    Thanks very up beat!

  19. SlackWareGuy Guess

    Thanks for the good news really good to hear something positive

  20. Dan Davenport

    Thanks again Chris!!

  21. Why do you recommend Binance, and then even not to keep the values on the exchange, while Binance is the by far most expensive exchange for withdrawing fees? These prices are so ridiculous high and just useful for bigger investors.

  22. "only a tripling" of Etherium 🙂

  23. The focus on positivity is awesome. Enjoying the news you provide

  24. Jane Reynolds

    Great to have good news! Thx

  25. Mark Williams

    Thanks for a bit of positive news, I needed the boost

  26. Pleased to offload all those opportunist dinosaurs whose only interest was making $$$$ whilst having no idea of the technologies potential.

  27. Real Truth & Uncovering Lies

    That was the fastest 9 minutes I ever sat through!!!!

  28. I can't say i didn't see this crash coming… but it's not just crypto… traditional markets were hit to. If you haven't already sold the bottom… DON'T! We will recover from this… and when we do…. it will happen fast. If you are sleeping you will miss it. The capital has to settle somewhere. Good work Chris… as usual. Keep it coming.

  29. “Only a tripling of the price” I would amputate a leg for those results at the moment.

  30. Doodle Doodle

    i have to be quick in skipping the first 10 seconds because that into hurts my earsi

  31. Who wouldn't like this episode. Energy flows where focus goes! Hip hip for CV 👍😎

  32. Loosecannon Recordings

    Hi , gr8 theme for a show thnks . Do you know any info re G7 meeting and banks / institutions getting the green light as regards crypto,s . ✌️

  33. Erol Suleyman

    E-Coin has gone up 500% shown on coinmarketcap, does anyone know anything about this?…. their website is down! Scam?

  34. Koen van Woensel

    Still wondering why Bitfinex/Tether is still doing business. Stop trading at Bitfinex and stop using Tether is the only way to take out this bad actor in this unregulated playfield.

  35. Thanks Chris – Love your show. I listen to every one. Great, sober, sensible analysis. Thank you!

  36. NZ Street BEATS

    Yeah baby

  37. In other news I got some great feedback from a client today and also had an excellent chicken and avocado sandwich

  38. Andrew Interrupted

    Chris is our emotional support Brit. <;-)

  39. Driving up a narrow mountain road – don't look at the edge, look into the safe zone. Well said Chris!

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