3rd Fork for Bitcoin? Bitcoin SELL OFF COMING? | Price Targets

3rd Fork for Bitcoin? Bitcoin SELL OFF COMING? | Price Targets

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

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  1. Correction Bitcoin Gold Fork : October 25th!

  2. With all that china fud and the last pull back from 5000, market didn't go below previous ath of 2900. So how on earth can you expect market to pull back below to 4200! when it only passed 500$ from previous 5000 ath.

  3. 6600 now.. you think it will go back to 4000 again ?

  4. Playing into their hand. Prior to the fiat tipping point the 1% will use 1% of their fiat to purchase the entire current crypto market. A slave of the industrial age re-branded into a slave of the information age. There is no escape. There is only thermo-dynamically ensured immutability of the present. You are playing a zero-sum game and you don't even realise it.

  5. Lyrically Phat Physically Thin [LPPT]

    Oh so we should just hold…

    Crazy how often we get told to hodl but how few people do! Patience is key!

  6. The SegWit 2X is NOTHING like the Metropolis update.

  7. All I see this fork doing is giving me a discount on bitcoin so I can buy more lol

  8. Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. It only goes up because more and more idiots are buying bitcoin. The crash will happen when all the morons put there cash into bitcoin and no one else is buying then when they decide to get out it will burst.

  9. hey how much do you charge to teach someone on how to get into crypto currency investment + look after their portfolio

  10. This logic don't always work on BTC, if price goes way up the dip might not be as low as you sold, btw it's at 6100$ now!

  11. can someone send me some love/help? wanted to be part of this so much: 18oNuWJAYkuAKd1GBqmJVpaDM5pSVGGhk2

  12. Just a dumb idea, but how do the bots on the crypto exchanges compare to the bots at the stock exchanges for example. Aren't stock exchange bots more sophisticated? Does it mean that stock exchange AI somehow makes the crypto bots behave differently, ergo makes them lose money?

  13. It is happens

  14. The Gas Menagerie

    Curious what you think of Safex these days.

  15. He say's he'll do a buy order at $4200, but he's going at $4500 🙂 before all you chumps jump in first

  16. 3rd fork? theres been dozens of bitcoin forks you fucking nitwit

  17. Israel's Blessing

    Great video, where do you see ETH going in a correction?

  18. Crypto bud:
    please tell me ur thoughts about replay protection for forks- and what do you think one should do?

  19. I feel we should avoid calling it as money. Because it is a digital ledger. Until it is converted into fiat it is still an untouchable medium.

  20. I doubt you are gonna get filled at $4.200. The biggest support line is around $4.400-$4.500. 20% retracement from today's price of 5.600, would be a better position.😉

  21. Chandrakala Ramanan

    Date of Hard fork on 22.oct?????

  22. why the date 22?

  23. Why no vid in electroneum?

  24. CryptoBud do you mean that bitcoin segwit2x the Real bitcoin is ?

  25. Look at me, look at me………PRO! You're a pro! Great vid

  26. Informed Consent

    I get bored too. Some days are just going to be boring. I am glad it's not my day job wait, I don't have a day job…

  27. Daytrading you should piss off to forex.
    Investing & swing-trades are for crypto.

  28. So in the scenario of a BTC pullback to low $4k's next week, does that tend to indicate another surge to the ALT coins?

  29. good strategy bud!

  30. now everybody's gonna put their buy orders at 4250 bucks just to screw with you 😀

  31. Hey I smashed that like button lol. Good video

  32. I pressed the subscribed button like you said, but now I'm unsubscribed. What should I do?

  33. so you are exiting your position in bitcoin as soon as you get BTG? or all you all in in fiat right now?

  34. With the volatility of cryptocurrency how often should an individual rebalance their portfolio when it deviates off their target allocation, at 10% deviation? 20% deviation? etc.

  35. All the same bad actors are the ones trying to fork and centralize Bitcoin.
    XT = dumpster fire fail
    BU = dumpster fire fail
    Bcash =dumpster fire fail
    Bgold = dumpster fire fail
    B2X = dumpster fire fail
    dont give your Bitcoin to these scammers


  37. Fernando Spinelli

    Thanks dude. Can you comment on vertcoin?

  38. Great video. Thank you

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