✌️ How To Get 2 Coins From BITCOIN If There’s A HARD FORK | Creating A Paper Wallet 🤑

✌️ How To Get 2 Coins From BITCOIN If There’s A HARD FORK | Creating A Paper Wallet 🤑

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  1. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    I have a Nano S Ledger my coins are in the Legacy wallet I hope I get free BTX from Legacy ?

  2. Is it good enough to import the private keys from my blockchain web wallet, or should I actually do transactions to send all the bitcoins from my web wallet addresses to my local wallet addresses? In other words, would I still have 100% control over the private keys that I got from my web wallet, or can the web wallet company just spend money from my wallet addresses/keys, in the case of a split?

  3. Naner Ledger

  4. Retweeted your video on twitter brahs

  5. How to create a paper wallet 7:59

  6. you never explained how to get 2 coins, you just promoted your udemy page and showed how to make a paper wallet, thanks for wasting 15 mins of my life

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