⚠️The real Bitcoin ETF Date!⚠️

⚠️The real Bitcoin ETF Date!⚠️

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» Registration: https://goo.gl/aHLwbB

» Registration: https://www.binance.com/?ref=16553332

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  1. Stephen dela Cruz

    I'm so tired of this bullshit. Who cares about the stupid etf!

  2. Ripple Moskovite

    wait for an ETF while Xrapid  goes live and landslide you

  3. the EFT commission gets kickbacks while they work on the project, upward of a 100,000 a day each…how long do YOU think they will postpone? they, like all government workers in USA are CRIMINALS.the US congress does not have the same SS or medical as other Americans..oh no, they make MILLIONS by being elected just ONCE, four years, they collect MILLIONS a year for the rest of their lives, may they be SHORT.

  4. Cypto money life been had posted 2 weeks ago it was delayed to dec 2018 …and it's not even gonna get approved then.. a few ETFs was delayed 3x before getting rejected

  5. Lmao dude it been delayed to dec 2018

  6. TheProfessionalAsshole

    Even shitcoin is gonna explode once bitcoin gets ETF

  7. Rougé Moonchild

    natives didnt invent English, the English that we speak in the Americas is a mixture of french Spanish British German and dutch, as those were the countries that colonized the Americans, and depending on which part you like you speak a slightly different dialect

  8. Rougé Moonchild

    lol did you just say you dont know what the report means, and you arent from the states, … what your reading is a legally, binding contract…. and its only hard for people who dont have a vaste knowledge of law or the kings english

  9. so the 29th of December is a Saturday in teh new year Holiday. For sure the SEC will sit in their offices and argue about the ETF, Loool

  10. Nice video of yours. nice way to shed light for the believers

  11. 29 december is positieve for governments they can earn more tax as people gona jump in.

  12. ETF’s already approved in Canada . We don’t need then

  13. The SEC is corrupt like the rest of wall street ….. the average person will eat the bullet…… bitcoin reminds me of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street

  14. Yes Sunny they make it very hard to understand many times, with the legal phraseology. Very painful to try to understand as a native speaker. A headache. Even worse if someone not a native speaker.

  15. Veros has just released its Android wallet. Fundraising platform soon! | https://bit.ly/2Iaw142

  16. The real news is XRP 🚀

  17. FUK them ETF

  18. Myriadcoin sleeping giant

  19. Hahahaha it my birthday 29th December let's hope it's a great birthday present (but doubtful)… the way I see it is ETF Should be a go in Feb or March but if it's sooner it's a bonus 😎people say we don't need ETF but the $20000 BTC price was achieved by news for the classes then the retail investors fomo'ed and got dumped so most of the whales have made tons of money waiting for the next bull run, I got a feeling shorts are gonna be a wiped out in the next bull run of there are any left. Always love watching your videos bro see you in the next one bye 👊

  20. Simply Connected

    There isn't going to be any ETF for Bitcoin. They want to keep price of Bitcoin low – that's what's been happening all year. It will be 2021/2022 before there is any "collapse" of the system. Until then Bitcoin will be staying low in price.

  21. nur so btw. CCG Mining isch wohl gsi^^

  22. First I get fucked in the ass by bitconnect then fucking Genesis comes and fucks me even harder and finally the fuckin bear market gives me the ultimate ass fuck by turning my initial investment into fucking worthless arcade tokens. FUCKKKK CRYPTO THIS SHIT IS A FUCKIN WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  23. Fuck crypto I'm getting fucking tired of waiting around all the fuckin time watching the fucking market flatline I wish I would have fuckin never invested in this bullshit!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

  24. This is fucking bullshit just fucking deny it or accept it already stop pushing it back you pigs!!

  25. I Think this will be much much much longer

  26. Martin Monsalvo

    Great! Thanks Sunny.

  27. I think Ripple is about to do some crazy things the moon might be an understatement

  28. Sunny's never going to say anything about ETN 😂

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